Tips for Knowing How Much Life Insurance You Need

When it comes to purchasing life insurance, many people get more than a little confused on how much coverage they need. Truth is, though, it's fairly simple and straightforward to calculate how much is needed.

If a person doesn't have anyone who is dependent upon him — spouse, children, grandchildren, etc. — then there's really no need to purchase a life insurance policy. If however, there are dependents, then a policy that equals about 10x as much as the policyholder's annual income should be obtained. Take for instance that the person makes $60,000 a year. A life insurance policy in the amount of $600,000 should be sufficient.

Then again, if a retirement fund or savings account has been paid into, then such a high life insurance policy may not be needed. It all comes down to what a person wants to leave behind to their beneficiaries. But the important thing to note is that life insurance funds are not meant to make a family rich once the policyholder becomes deceased. The funds are supposed to be used so that the family can maintain the same standard of living as it was when the policyholder was alive.

By speaking with our insurance agents in Hope Mills, NC, you can easily identify how much of a life insurance policy that you need. Our agents in the 28348 area will know how to best assess your life situation, which will go a long way in helping you create a life insurance policy that best accommodates you and your family's needs as well as fits within your budget. Do keep in mind there are several types of policies to choose from, with the cheapest usually being term life coverage plans.