Are Auto Insurance Rates Climbing In North Carolina?

A recent survey found that the average driver pays just over $1,400 per term for auto insurance in 2018. Such number is around 20 percent more than what consumers were paying for similar policies in 2011. Although North Carolina was not listed as one of the most expensive regarding indemnity policies for cars and trucks, it is certainly counted among those regions with climbing rates. Why you may wonder, is insurance in Hope Hills, NC and beyond getting more expensive? Blame it on technology and population, and then look to Cross Creek Insurance for help.

It is no secret that cars are becoming more complex every year. An infotainment system used to be something that only luxury auto buyers could possess. Now, the feature comes standard in every car. The convenience of having everything from navigation to SiriusXM radio at your fingertips does not come at a low price. As car prices rise, so do auto insurance rates. Thus, the reason why you may find yourself paying well over $150 per month to assure a compact car.

Technology also comes with the disadvantage of distraction.  A person torn between finding his favorite station on the radio and connecting his smartphone to the car’s system is not concerned about what is in front of him. You may find yourself rear-ended if you are that unlucky automobile in his path. Distraction becomes an even bigger problem in urban areas because the population in these regions is higher. Imagine twenty people on the highway trying to organize their day via their smartphone while driving. The combination is a recipe for disaster.

There is no way of completely avoiding an accident in Hope Hills, NC, but there is a solution to the financial turmoil that you may face after having a car wreck. You can find the right indemnity policy now that will cover everything from your damaged vehicle to the other person’s medical bills. Call Cross Creek Insurance today for a quote!

Three Reasons Why You May Want to Insure an Inoperable Vehicle

One of the biggest myths out there is that you only need to ensure a car when it is operable or being driven on the roads. Here at Cross Creek Insurance, serving the greater Hope Hills, NC area, we want to educate everyone on the importance of ensuring inoperable vehicles as well. Here are three key reasons you may wish to keep an inoperable vehicle insured.

Covers Vandalism

If you have an inoperable vehicle, you may not be able to get into a car accident in the car, but it can still be vandalized. If someone throws a rock at it or breaks the window, comprehensive car insurance can help cover the loss caused by these things.

Covers Theft

An inoperable vehicle may be more of a challenge to steal, but that does not mean that it cannot happen. Someone may tow or haul away your inoperable vehicle and your neighbors may not say anything, thinking that you sold the unused car or are having it repaired. Comprehensive auto insurance helps to protect you against the financial loss that a stolen car may cause you.

Helps You Register Your Vehicle

The last reason why you may wish to keep an inoperable vehicle insured is that it helps you to register your vehicle. In many states, if you don’t have insurance, you can’t insure the car. And even inoperable cars need to be registered or you can be ticketed for having an unregistered car on your property.

If you have an inoperable vehicle that is not currently insured, now is the perfect time to insure it. Contact Cross Creek Insurance, serving the greater Hope Hills, NC area, for a free estimate today.