Home Insurance for Historical Properties in Hope Hills, North Carolina

Home insurance is a crucial part of owning any home, but if you are the proud owner of one of the many historical properties that line greater Hope Hills, NC, it becomes much more than that. Purchasing home insurance is important for safeguarding these cherished monuments with period-specific architecture, intricate designs, and breathtaking features. After all, such heritage-rich buildings are local icons and works of art.

A Home Insurance Policy and Your Historical Home

Historical buildings may have undergone extensive preservation efforts to restore them to their former glory. That makes these properties unique after their restorations or even irreplaceable. That is because regular, run-of-the-mill homeowners’ insurance may not adequately cover all the costs of rebuilding or restoring a historical building back to its original state. However, at Cross Creek Insurance, we provide home insurance that is customized for historical homes that take into consideration their unique craftsmanship and all the specific materials that were involved in the creation of such structures. It is then tailored to the particular needs of such properties.

You should also consider a comprehensive policy that will protect you from fire and natural disasters since older homes are much more likely to sustain damage if such events occur. Many more risk factors are involved, including outdated plumbing, heating, and electrical systems. You will need insurance to cover the costs of updating these systems to meet current codes and safety standards. Also, the damage from coastal storms can be quite severe in the Hope Hills, NC area, so you will want to be prepared.

Learn about Insurance Options from Cross Creek Insurance

We believe that preserving historical properties is a community responsibility. That is why, at Cross Creek Insurance, we are committed to offering the citizens who live within them the most comprehensive plans for the most reasonably priced premiums. If you have recently acquired an older home and are unsure how to protect your new asset best, call us. We would be glad to help you!

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage in Your Auto Insurance Policy

When you get an auto insurance policy, it comes with a lot of different types of coverage. Some of these are required by the state, and some aren’t. Having all the coverage types can be helpful so that you and your vehicle are well-protected. Having liability insurance is required, and this comes in two types. There is bodily injury liability and property damage liability. To add to this coverage, you should have both collision and comprehensive coverage. Each protects you in a different way. Contact us at Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC to get your auto insurance policy.

Collision Auto Coverage 

When you have liability coverage, it will cover the damages done to someone else and pay for their medical bills and repair bills. However, liability coverage doesn’t pay for damage to your vehicle. If you’re found to be at fault for an accident, collision coverage will pay for the damages to your own vehicle. If the vehicle is totaled, the policy could pay for a new vehicle or pay what the vehicle was worth when it crashed, depending on your specific policy. No one should be without this coverage just in case they should be at fault for an accident. 

Comprehensive Coverage

It’s also important to opt for comprehensive coverage in your auto policy. This coverage protects you against many things that can happen when the vehicle isn’t being driven. Many accidents and other incidents can happen to a vehicle when it isn’t on the road. With this coverage, you’re protected against them. 

Get Auto Insurance

If your auto policy doesn’t include comprehensive or collision coverage, it’s time to add it. Call us at Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC to discuss the types of coverage you need.