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Life Insurance in North Carolina

Most people wouldn't consider going a day without auto, home or health insurance, but they go through life without any life insurance. While there's no legal reason for which you need to buy a policy, if you have dependents, you owe it to them to have such insurance in place so that they aren't burdened by the loss of income that would result if you were to pass away. Buying a whole or term life insurance policy doesn't mean that you'll die any sooner than if you don't have it; what it does mean is that you're thinking long-term and how you'll provide for your family in the future.

The two main types of policies that you can buy are whole life and term life. A whole life policy will continue to cover you as long as you're paying the premiums, and it may have a cash-value component from which you can borrow. The term life policy is only valid for a predetermined number of years, usually 10, 15 or 20, and is cheaper than a whole life policy because you get back nothing at the end of the term.

Every individual who has dependents, whether they're your children, grandchildren, disabled relatives or others who depend on you for financial support, should have a life insurance policy that is eight to ten times the amount of their annual income. Stay at home parents also need to be insured. When you work with an agent from Cross Creek Insurance, Inc., you can better determine the amount that's best for your situation.

As an independent agent serving the Hope Mills, Fayetteville and Raeford, North Carolina communities, Cross Creek Insurance, Inc. provides you with experienced and knowledgeable agents who will help you find the right insurance solutions for your needs.