Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Huntersville, NC

A car is a necessity in many parts of North Carolina, especially Huntersville, NC. You don’t have a lot in the way of public transportation, so you need rock solid insurance that isn’t going to let you down when you need it most. One of the most important features to look at with car insurance is to confirm that the monthly premium is at a rate you can afford consistently on a long term basis.

There are a few ways to get cheaper car insurance. One of the first ways is to look at comparative quotes from several insurance providers. While you can get this information on your own by contacting each carrier individually, but you won’t get the best deal. Instead, contact our independent agents so we can get in touch with the carrier for you. We have worked with the major carriers before, and they know that we talk with multiple companies before we write an insurance policy. Therefore, we get more competitive quotes than an individual talking to each company.

You can also adjust the level of coverage you get to the minimum instead of holding as much coverage as possible. Liability is the required insurance level in North Carolina, and if you cut out collision and comprehensive coverage you cut down the amount you pay monthly. However, this does mean that if you are in an at fault accident, that you aren’t going to have financial coverage for your repairs.

Deductible adjustment is another way to cut down the amount that you pay for insurance. The higher you set your deductible, the less you pay per month. Talk to our independent insurance agents in Huntersville, NC to get your free online insurance quotes.

Does Smoking Cigars Affect Life Insurance Rates in Hope Mills, NC?

Tobacco may no longer be as important to the North Carolina economy as it once was, but plenty of people still smoke cigarettes or like to enjoy a good cigar. Cigars, like cigarettes and chewing tobacco, have been scientifically proven to be bad for your health. You can still purchase a life insurance policy if you smoke, but your rates will almost certainly be higher than if you did not smoke.

It is often the case that you will need to undergo a physical exam before you can buy a policy that insures your life. The exam can be as simple as a nurse coming out to your house to check your weight, blood pressure and other vital signs. You might also be sent to a facility to have blood drawn and to give a urine sample. The insurance company wants more than your word to determine your general health before they approve your application for a policy.

Insurance companies want to know as much about you as they can before they insure your life. They want to know if you engage in risky behavior like sky-diving or swimming with the sharks. They want to know if you smoke cigars because that can lead to cancer, emphysema, or other life-shortening diseases. Whether you are buying a term-life or whole-life policy, insurance companies make money the longer the insured lives.

If you are young and in excellent physical condition, smoking an occasional cigar will probably not raise your life insurance rates. When the results of your urine test are received by the insurance company, they will see how much nicotine you have in your system. If you only smoke cigars for special occasions like the birth of a baby, you probably will be below the tolerance set for nicotine.

While smoking a cigar is still legal and your own personal choice, if you want to keep your life insurance rates down, you may also need to put down your cigar. Contact us today to learn more about what might affect your life insurance rates.