Avoiding Life Insurance Loopholes

Hope Hills, NC residents need high-quality life insurance to protect their families. However, there are many loopholes that are easy to fall into when getting this type of coverage. We’ve seen them all at Cross Creek Insurance and can help you avoid them.

Lying On Your Application

The truth will set you free when it comes to life insurance. If you lie on your policy and your provider finds out, they can deny your policy. Lying can be as simple as misrepresenting a disease you have or even denying a serious life-changing condition, such as cancer when buying a policy.

Drug And Alcohol Use

This loophole can be a very problematic one for many people. It states that if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you die, the insurance company can deny your claim. This fact is true even if the drugs or alcohol had nothing to do with your death. It can be a very troubling one if you enjoy a drink now and again and die at home due to a heart attack not related to your alcohol intake.

The Suicide Loophole

Those who are suffering from a serious disease may try to use suicide as a way of helping their families. As a result, life insurance companies have a clause that allows them to deny payment for the first two years of the policy. After that, beneficiaries only receive the premiums the policyholder paid for their deaths.

Performing Dangerous Activities

Traveling to dangerous or even war-torn areas, performing extreme sports, or doing other dangerous activities can void your life insurance. That’s because you weren’t taking due care to prevent your death.

Keeping Your Coverage Active

If you want your Hope Hills, NC life insurance to pay off, please contact us at Cross Creek Insurance. Our experts will make sure you don’t fall into these loopholes and void your policy, leaving your beneficiaries in a tough situation.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Business Equipment?

If you want to ensure your expensive equipment is covered if damage or disaster occurs, then you need to purchase equipment breakdown coverage in Hope Hills, NC. Traditional commercial insurance policies from Cross Creek Insurance do not cover this and if you don’t purchase this specialty type of insurance, you may have no recourse if a breakdown does occur, besides paying for repairs or replacing the item out of your own pocket. 

How Does Equipment Damage Occur? 

There are several ways that your equipment may be damaged, resulting in a loss of productivity and profits, which include:

  • Power surges
  • Short circuits
  • Employee error

What will Equipment Breakdown Insurance Cover?  

This type of insurance policy is also referred to as “boiler and machinery” policies in Hope Hull NC. When you purchase this type of policy, you will be protected against breakdowns that are the result of power surges, boiler malfunction, motor burnout and even operator error. 

This type of policy will also cover all types of equipment – both electrical and mechanical, including boilers, refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, communication equipment and more. The policy will also include coverage for any new technology you have invested in. 

Purchasing the Right Policy is Key

If you are ready to purchase this type of insurance, there are several things you should keep in mind. For example, not all policies are created equal. As a result, you need to find a reputable agent and have them help you find the right policy for your needs. 

If you are ready to purchase equipment coverage for your business, then contact the Cross Creek Insurance team serving Hope Hills, NC. You will be able to speak to professionals in the industry who can help you get the right coverage for your business and your needs. In the long run, this will pay off and ensure your business equipment is covered.