Have a Sinkng Feeling Check Your Foundation

Mountains, rolling hills and 300 miles of beaches makes North Carolina an intriguing state to live in or visit. Some favorite attractions are the BlueRidge Parkway that winds for 432 miles from the Great Smokey Mountains to National Park to North Carolina Shenandoah National Park. Kure Beach Sea Turtle Patrol teaches ways to protect the endangered sea turtles. Blowing Rock Winterfest which has ice carving contests, food, WinterPaws dog show, and other winter themed events shows the festive side of winter. Across the state plenty scenic beauty and events exist to please most anyone in your family or friends.

Because of the geologic formations below the soil sometimes an instability happens. If you have ever been on a porch and had a sinking feeling before dismissing it go check your foundation. Whether buying a house or updating a policy, standard policies cover sinkhole coverage to a point. Coverage depends on how the sinkhole happened. Earthquakes take an additional endorsement for covering their damage on a home. As your local area agent I know my territory and can tell you where sinkholes are more likely to happen. Many times I even know how recently they have occurred in an area. When buying homeowners insurance it is important to cover all the bases above ground as well as below ground. Many times combining auto insurance with your homeowner policy results in a discount. Various options exist that can be added to a policy to customize it to your needs.

Before a sink hole happens stop by the office for a chat. Let’s take a look at what the possibilities are and see what is needed.




Hope Mills Takes Care of Its Residents

The beginning of Hope Mills NC 28348 is all in the name. It began as a grist, lumber, and saw mill because of the abundance of water. The town developed with a “can do” attitude and the community spirit of taking care of everyone. Located in Cumberland County, the community has two corn mazes. If your family wants to experience country living then visit Gallberry Farms. Experience corn hole, corn box, and tube slide. Cumberland Road Fun lets you explore your active side with laser tag, a set of batting cages, and miniature golf. A historic downtown lets you and yours do plenty of shopping finding items unique to the regions. If a bit of urban you desire Fayetteville NC is within the hour. Hope Mills NC gives you the best of both worlds.

Neighborhoods in Hope Mills are close knit with neighbors knowing each other. The area is friendly with strangers as well. To get out and about a car is needed. I as your local agent can help you find the best rate. Check out other agents websites and get some car insurance quotes. Then come visit me. All sorts of discounts exist on policies depending on the choices you make. Consider combining your homeowner policy with your car insurance policy. Putting the two together opens up other possibilities and may make you eligible for an umbrella policy which has special options. If you have an older home renovating with certain materials or adding environmentally recommended items also give discounts with premiums and tax breaks.

Enjoy rural life, raise your kids, and know your neighbors. Once in a while stop into my office. We can discuss the options and find the best policy for you.