Does Your Health Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates?

Fuquay-Varina, NC has a quite a charming history. Established around mineral springs because they were believed to have healing powers, this quaint town continues to thrive. Unfortunately, the mineral springs in Fuquay-Varina do not have healing powers, and medical conditions you may suffer from can affect the rate you have to pay for your car insurance each month.

Medical Conditions and Car Insurance Rates

Your car insurance is rated based on risks. If you are a considered a risk after a risk assessment has been completed for you then you will likely pay more for your car insurance. Unfortunately, individuals with certain medical conditions are considered a risk. For instance, individuals with diabetes may have blurred vision, which compromises their ability to see while driving. Additionally, patients taking certain medications are considered a risk behind the wheel because their prescriptions may affect their ability to drive.

What Should Businesses Do About Drivers with Risky Medical Conditions

Since business insurance is expensive and many managers may not know what conditions are affecting employees driving their company vehicle, businesses must take a proactive position to protect their assets. Most businesses ask their drivers about medical conditions affecting their ability to drive and provide annual screenings or require DOT physicals that will help keep drivers honest. We encourage businesses to know their driver’s status because the company is liable for losses and accidents caused by the driver, ultimately.

Discuss Your Limitations with Your Agent

To ensure that you do not threaten your life or the lives of others, it is in your best interest to discuss your medical conditions with your doctor and your insurance agent. Both professionals will provide you with detailed information about what you should do to protect yourself and your family while driving. As your insurance agent, we can recommend measures you can take to reduce the chances of you getting in a wreck, which will help you save money on your insurance. 

Water Can Cause Damage in So Many Ways in Sanford, NC

We love our outdoor activities in Sanford, NC. The famous Tobacco Road Golf Club seems to always be rated high on lists of America’s favorite courses. San-Lee Park and Mountain Bike Trail provides a multitude of outdoor recreational activities. The spacious Kiwanis Family Park and Greenway is a terrific site for outdoor family fun and exercise. Deep River paddling provides for aquatic activities.

Of course at almost any time rain can cause problems with our plans. We appreciate the rain for keeping our lawns green and our crops growing. It’s just when it happens at the wrong time and place it can be frustrating. The same can be said for water in your home.

When water is controlled through your plumbing or kept out by your roof, it’s usually not a problem. Under the wrong circumstances however, it can be devastating. When it comes to water damage in particular, it is critical you know what is, and isn’t covered under your homeowners insurance.

You see, when it comes to insurance, all water is not treated equally. There is water damage you can suffer from heavy rains. You can sustain water damage from a sewer back-up. Broken plumbing can cause serious damage, especially if you are not home when it occurs. Flooding? That is a whole separate issue. If you want to be assured you are covered under these various water-related issues contact us for a home insurance review. As an independent, local agency, we understand what coverage you should have, and can find the providers who offer it most affordably. If you wish to compare rates you can do so online right from our website. We also offer comparative rates for auto insurance.

There may not be much you can do when rain interrupts your outdoor activities. You can however, take steps to protect your home from water. Contact us today and put us to work for you.