Don’t Get Tricked by a Thief This Halloween

On October 31 most people enjoy a few treats. Kids go around trick-or-treating and adults gather together for parties. Even those of us who primarily hand out candy are known to sneak a piece or two for ourselves. A few people, however, plan tricks for Halloween. Make sure you don’t get tricked by a thief this Halloween. Here are a few tips to keep your home safe.

Deter Thieves with Locks and Lights

Most thieves who are prowling around on Halloween night aren’t planning a detailed and involved robbery. Instead, they’re looking for easy targets that they might steal from without exposing themselves to much risk.

Therefore, you don’t need to protect your home against a movie-worthy heist plan. You simply need to exercise some basic precautions that will deter thieves. Specifically, you might want to:

  • secure any valuable items you leave outside with padlocks
  • place decorations around your yard that will light it up
  • leave your home’s exterior lights on all night long

Insure Your Belongings Against Theft

In addition to securing your outside possessions and lighting up your yard, you should also make sure your belongings are insured against theft. Home insurance policies afford protection against loss due to theft, although their specific protections vary. If you own a home, this is a final line of defense against burglars that you must have.

For help finding home insurance, contact us at Cross Creek Insurance. Our independent insurance agents are able to compare home insurance policies from every insurer in North Carolina. No matter what company offers the best protection against thieves, our agents will make sure you get the best protection at the most affordable rates. To get in touch with them and discuss insuring your home in Hope Hills, NC, send us a message on our website.


Using Life Insurance to Borrow Money

As “The Brick Capital of the USA”, Sanford, NC once produced about 10% of the bricks produced in the entire country. While bricks are still an important part of our economy, we now have a much more diverse base of employment. We have large employers like Pfizer, small home based businesses and everything in between. They all have something in common. It takes money to get them going and it takes money to keep them going. It is part of the reason supporting our local businesses is so important.

If you’ve ever considered starting your own small or home-based business, there may be a source for funding you may not have considered. You may be able to borrow money from your life insurance policy.

You see, whole life insurance can build value as the years go by. That means not only is it providing important protection for your family, but it can be a financial resource in emergencies or opportunities. Loans against your life insurance are generally at very attractive interest rates. If something were to happen to you before the loan is repaid, the balance would be deducted from your life insurance proceeds. Your life insurance agent can help determine this “loan value” for you.

Loans are just one of the many ways that life insurance is a valuable financial asset. If you would like to know more, we invite you to contact us. We are independent insurance agents who can work with a variety of providers to find the best insurance coverage for you. If you live in the Sanford area, we invite you visit our website for a comparative online quote on your homeowners and auto insurance. It is a convenient and simple way to compare rates. Give it a try. We look forward to serving you.