Tips for Prepping Your Home for Spring

Winter is coming to a close in Hope Hills, NC. If you are like most people, then you can’t wait for things to warm up outside so you can enjoy the spring awakening. Before you do that, though, you need to do a few things around your home to get it ready for the season. Use this list of things from Cross Creek Insurance to get you started.

  • Clean around your home. You don’t have to go crazy with spring cleaning, but you should take some time to clean around your home. Even dusting can make a huge difference.
  • Get your A/C checked. You may not need it quite yet but you will before you know it so go ahead and have some maintenance on it. The last thing you want is to try to use it and find out it needs a repair. Get ahead of that now.
  • Plant some spring flowers. There are so many flowers that bloom in the spring, and if you have the room outside for some, you may want to consider planting some. You can even opt for flowers that will bloom year after year. If you do not have space outside, you can get some flowers for the inside of your home. You will be happy you did this in a few weeks when they start blooming because it will make a huge difference for the spring.

Other than these things, the other thing you need to look at is your home insurance policy. If you do not already have a policy, you should contact Cross Creek Insurance, serving Hope Hills, NC, for a  free quote. If you do have a policy, they can check it to make sure you do not have any gaps in coverage.

Should I Bundle Home and Auto Insurance Policies?

There are many different types of insurance policies that the average person buys and owns. Two of the most common are home insurance and auto insurance policies. If you are in the market for one or both of these types of insurance, you may find yourself wondering if you should bundle them. Bundling the policies is typically beneficial. Here are a few of the benefits you may experience by bundling home and auto insurance policies.

Bundling Discount

One of the biggest benefits associated with bundling your home and auto insurance policy is a bundling discount. Typically, insurance companies will give you a discount when you bundle two or more of their insurance policies. This shows brand loyalty and insurers will reward you for this in the form of discounts. The amount of the discount varies from company to company, but generally the discount is significant enough to make bundling well worth it.

Working With One Insurance Company

The other benefit to bundling your home and auto insurance policy is that you only have to work with one insurance company. You don’t have to worry about paying multiple premiums to multiple companies or trying to remember which insurer to call when you need service. You can build a repertoire with one company and work with one agent or broker for all of your insurance needs. This is beneficial to both you and the insurance company, as you can both learn more about each other with this type of close business bond.

If you are looking to start a new home insurance policy, auto insurance policy or bundle both in the greater Hope Hills, NC area, give Cross Creek Insurance a call. Let us help you find the right insurance policies for you at a price you can afford.

6 Parts of Home Insurance You Need to Know About

Home insurance in North Carolina is a special type of insurance called a multi-peril policy. What does a multi-peril policy do? It covers you for several types of scenarios at once, such as medical payments from accidents and property damage. Here at Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC, we’ll show you the six parts that make up home insurance in North Carolina.

A. Dwelling – Often determined by the home’s market value, this part of your home insurance covers major damage to the house and the structural buildings that are attached to it. 

B. Other Structures – This part of the policy takes care of the structures on your property that aren’t attached to the house, such as sheds and separated garages. 

C. Personal Property – This section helps pay for the contents lost that you or family members who reside with you own. Take caution that it may not cover everything, so purchasing additional riders would be wise. 

D. Loss of Use – Loss of use helps pay for the meals and lodging expenses you could have if the home cannot be inhabited after a natural disaster.

E. Personal Liability – If an accident happens at your home, you will probably be responsible. This section helps pay for the costs from such accidents and protects your liability.

F. Medical Payments to Others – Similar to section E, this part helps pay for the medical expenses of the person who was hurt.

Many more details are included in a North Carolina insurance policy. To find out if a specific scenario will be covered or not by your home insurance, contact us today at Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC. You can also email us anytime at your convenience.