The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

To leave something behind for those around you, you need a life insurance policy to ensure financial help. When you need a life insurance policy, a beneficial type is the whole life insurance policy. This is a type that has a lot of advantages for the policyholder. It’s essential to have life insurance when people depend on you financially. If you don’t yet have as much life insurance as you need, call us at Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC.

Long-Term Coverage

If you chose the other primary type of life insurance, called term life, the policy would have a clear expiration date. Once you reach that date, you’d have to apply for and get a new life policy. However, that isn’t the way a whole life policy works. With these policies, they will never expire. They will be good for as long as you’re alive and will pay a death benefit to your beneficiaries when you go. Always knowing that as long as you pay for it, the policy will be there for you can be a huge addition to your peace of mind. You’ll know that your loved ones will be taken care of. 

Cash Value

Whole-life policies have another major benefit for policyholders. They have a cash value after the first few years that the policy is in place. This cash value grows slowly and can become a significant amount of money. You can borrow against this amount if you have an emergency. This can be a financial backup in case of financial need. 

Get Life Insurance

When you need life insurance, we want to help. To get started with this type of insurance, call us now at Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC.

Four things to keep in mind when you buy commercial insurance

While running your own business is rewarding, it also involves a lot of responsibility and stress. Fortunately, commercial insurance can provide business owners with security and help ensure a company’s financial obligations are met. Cross Creek Insurance offers commercial insurance to business owners in Hope Hills, NC.

The following are four things that you should keep in mind if you’re in the process of buying commercial insurance. 

Some types of commercial insurance coverage may be required by law.

Business owners shouldn’t assume that buying commercial insurance is always optional. In some situations, business owners are required by law to purchase commercial insurance coverage.

Commercial auto and workers comp insurance, in particular are types of commercial coverage legally required in many situations. 

It would be best to get quotes from a few commercial insurance providers.

Commercial insurance providers in your area can provide you with a quote on a policy. It’s essential to get numerous quotes that you can compare so that you can be sure that you’ve chosen a good option for your commercial insurance coverage. 

Commercial insurance coverage may be subject to various exclusions.

Don’t make any assumptions about what your commercial insurance covers. Commercial insurance policies can be subject to exclusions that ensure that certain expenses won’t be covered under your policy.

Be sure to read the fine print so that you know exactly what your policy covers and doesn’t cover. 

Your commercial insurance coverage needs may change over time. 

As your company grows, your insurance needs change. That’s why it’s so important to update your commercial insurance policy once in a while. 

Ensure that the right commercial insurance policy covers your company in Hope Hills, NC. Get in touch with us today at Cross Creek Insurance and learn more about the coverage options that we offer.