What You Should Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance might not be a requirement, but it’s a smart decision to have at any age. At Cross Creek Insurance Inc., serving Hope Mills, NC and the surrounding area, we offer homeowner’s, auto, commercial and life insurance policies to keep you, your family and business protected in every way we can. When you’re inquiring about life insurance and receiving a quote, there are a few aspects regarding this type of insurance you should know in order to make an informed decision. 

1. More Than One Type

Not all life insurance policies are the same type of policy. They classify as either a term or cash-value policy. A term insurance policy doesn’t have any investment component. You decide on the amount of coverage you need as well as how long you desire the coverage to stay in effect. Financial planners typically recommend purchasing a term policy and investing the difference between the cost of a cash-value premium and a term-insurance policy into a cash-value premium.  

A cash-value plan is a bit more confusing. The policy pays out upon your death, but during your life, it increases in value. This particular investment isn’t taxable, and you’re able to borrow against it or use it as a means to pay off policy premiums later in life. You’re also able to pass it to your heirs.  

2. How Much You Need Varies

The amount of insurance you need varies based on if the money will be used to replace your income upon your passing, if it’s going to be used to take care of your children and send them to college or if your spouse will require the money to pay off the mortgage. Basically, you’ll want to take into consideration how much of an impact your death will have on your family financially. 

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Does Commercial Insurance Cover Damages to a Company Car?

If you own a commercial business that requires you to operate a vehicle in North Carolina, then you do well to invest in business auto insurance. Contrary to what many uninformed drivers believe, personal auto insurance does not cover you if you have an accident while running an errand related to business. You need commercial insurance that pays for damages incurred to your vehicle in these instances. 

What is Business Auto Insurance?

Business auto insurance is an add-on plan that can be attached to your overall commercial indemnity policy that pays for repairs if your company car or truck is damaged. This plan usually has higher limits to accommodate for large vehicles such as bread trucks and entire fleets. In some instances, business auto insurance works like personal car assurance by paying for medical costs and other expenses related to car accidents. The plan, however, makes life more comfortable as you won’t have to fight with your indemnity provider to pay for loss related to business-related incidents as you would if you had personal liability insurance only. 

Why Buy Business Auto Insurance?

Regardless of what people may think, personal auto insurance is not meant to serve as company assurance as well. You may find yourself out of pocket if you solely rely on your personal policy to pay for damages incurred both while working and taking rides for leisure. It is essential to make sure that you are fully covered as an entrepreneur. Business auto insurance helps you stay protected. 

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