3 Things Everyone Should Know about Car Insurance Rates

No matter how long you've had car insurance, there might be a few aspects related to your policy that you are unaware about. Fortunately, though, we're here to share a few secrets with you to help you understand how to get the most out of your insurance coverage.

Your Credit Score Matters

Did you know that your credit score influences how high or low your insurance rates are? That's right, and this gives you just another reason to make sure you pay back all of your debts and make all debt payments on time. Insurance companies predict your driving behaviors on your credit, so the better your score, the better your rates.

Never Stop Payment

Just because you've decided that you want to switch car insurance companies, this doesn't mean you should simply switch and leave your old agency in the dark. You should always go through the formal hoops of canceling your policy. Otherwise, the agency may report you to credit bureaus for non-payment of your premiums.

It Pays to Shop Around

Sure, you may have been with the same auto insurance company for the past 15 years, but what you don't realize is that you can likely save money by switching. There are many factors that influence insurance rates — many of which were not considered 15 years ago. You very well might find that new influencing factors could save you a considerable amount of money if you switch agencies.


Whether you just received your learners permit or you've been a licensed driver for 20 years, it's wise to speak with on of our professional North Carolina insurance agents to compare policies and see how you can save money on your insurance premiums.

Hope Hills: Don’t Fall for these Life Insurance Myths in North Carolina

When you start planning for your financial future — which should be sooner rather than later — it is imperative that you not overlook the value of investing in life insurance. This type of insurance is meant to be a financial safety net for your family in the event that you were to die. Fortunately, life insurance allows you to properly prepare for your death, whether it be expected or unexpected. To ensure you get the most out of your life insurance policy, it’s important that you not fall for these common life insurance myths. 

Whole life insurance is always better because it always pays out

Just because whole life insurance has a higher rate of paying out than term life insurance doesn’t mean it’s always better. The best way to pinpoint which type of policy is best for your needs is by speaking with an independent life insurance agent serving the Hope Hills area. This agent will likely ask you a variety of questions, and it’s the answers that you provide that will determine which policy is best for you. Remember, it’s pertinent to be honest as this will help narrow down the available options, ensuring you get the absolute best policy. 

Waiting to invest until you’re in your 30s is wise

You never know when you are going to die, and if you are younger than 30 with a family or other people who depend on you for support, then life insurance should be considered a necessity. Just because you’re still young doesn’t mean you should wait to invest in this valuable type of insurance. In fact, the sooner you invest, the lower your premiums will likely be. 

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