Could Your Business in North Carolina Survive a Shutdown?

Whether it’s due to a bedbug infestation at your downtown hotel, roaches in the kitchen at your local cafe or mold in the walls at your office space, would your business in North Carolina be able to survive during the time it was shutdown? Would your company still be able to come out on top and perform like it did before the shutdown?

Costly Consequences of Shutdowns

In a situation like this, you have to think about everything. This includes how much revenue was lost, how much it cost to remedy the situation and whether or not you’ll be paying your employees while the company is shut.

It Won’t Ever Happen To Me.

Sure, you probably think that this will never happen to you, but that’s exactly when it does. In some cases, it may not have anything to do with a health code violation. In fact, your office could get vandalized and need to be shut down until repairs can be made. This temporary shutdown will cost your business a significant amount of money. Will you and your business be able to survive?

Protect Yourself. Protect Your Company.

If the healthier department shut down your business due to a violation, would you be okay? If you aren’t sure, then it’s time to speak to one of out independent agents. We can help you get the commercial insurance coverage that you need to ensure your business stays afloat even when times get tough. It is when you don’t have business insurance when you can’t survive a shutdown. Give us a call today so that our commercial insurance agents can help save your business in North Carolina.

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Small Town, Big Dreams Hope Mills NC

Some of the best foundations begin in a small town like Hope Mills, NC 28348. Taking risks, building a business or home takes gumption. A laid back atmosphere small town pleasures and ways are what residents love. If hunting or fishing is your way of relaxation then Hope Mills has it. After a long day of chasing the wildlife then the town has many one of a kind of restaurants to enjoy. Fred Chason’s Grandsons Buffet gives an awesome amount of southern style foods cooked like grandmas do it. The Wine Café has innovative wine fountains, an engaging atmosphere, and many brands and flavors of the juice of the grape. Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant serves plenty of chips and Mexican styled main dishes. Residents like the seating and the amount of food. Beef O’Brady is local hang out where all are welcome. Basically a sports bar it is the local watering hole.

Speaking of local watering hole I your local agent have talked to residents and found them quite satisfied with Hope Mills living. Our annual checks on homeowners insurance makes sure all is taken care of. With the active lifestyle a few bumps and bruises are bound to happen. To make sure your policy offers adequate coverage check your personal injury claim. Someone falling on your property is covered medically and if someone tries to sue you are covered for that as well. Consider combining different policies such as home and auto. Often a discount applies. Better yet get an umbrella policy which provides enough coverage for most incidents including libel and slander.

Whatever your decision come down to my office for a chat. Bring some quotes and we will find the best options for you.