3 Important Ways to Manage Business Risks

To be successful, every business owner must learn to cope with risk. While it is probably not possible to totally eliminate risk, there are some basic ways to cope with it.


Stick to Your original Plan

When starting your business, you should draft an outline of every aspect of it from sales and marketing to projected revenues. You should consider several different perspectives as you go about running your business. Once your original plan is drafted and survives the first quarter, stick to it. You may be tempted by the opinions of others and trends to change horses mid-stream. Resist this temptation.


Purchase Insurance

Interacting with the public or even dealing with business to business commerce always comes with an element of risk. It’s possible that your product could be involved in an accident that causes injury or damage. No matter how well designed, or labeled your products are- you should protect yourself by purchasing liability insurance. If you are the target of a frivolous lawsuit- even if you win- you could lose an unacceptable amount of money in lost profits and court costs. Discuss a liability insurance policy with your insurance agent before you begin offering any products or services to customers.


Carefully Monitor Your Business

In order to manage risk, it is necessary to take steps to determine when risks may occur. These risks include the activities of your competition, marketplace fluctuation, trends in fraud, and weaknesses in your organization’s safety procedures and operations. It may be that your quality-control isn’t thorough enough and that defects are reaching the marketplace. These potential risks must be identified and remedied in order to help mitigate the total risk to your livelihood.


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How You Can Help Following a Car Accident

Many people are traumatized following a car accident. The jarring movements from the accident can cause injuries and leave victims discombobulated. If you witness an accident, you play a critical role in ensuring that everyone is safe and emergency personnel are on their way. The following are a few steps you can take to make sure traffic accident victims are safe.

Remain at the Scene

After you’ve witnessed an accident, it’s important that you remain at the scene until the authorities arrive. Your perspective is important to everyone involved in the relationship. Without giving your statement to the police, the victims may have to pay for damages they incurred.

Make Sure You Are Safe

When you stop to check on those involved in an accident, you have to do so safely. Your safety should be your primary concern. To ensure that you are not in an accident from distracted onlookers, make sure you park a safe distance from the accident and always observe your surroundings to ensure you are not in danger.

Call 911

After ensuring you are safe, you have to contact 911. When you call emergency services, they will contact all necessary personnel. By making one phone call, you could potentially save the lives of individuals involved in an accident.

Ensure Victims Are Safe

There are a lot of things going on following an accident. As a result of this, you must make sure that everyone is safe. You can help people out of their cars and to the curb to ensure they are no longer in danger.

Give Victims Your Contact Information

After giving the authorities your statement, you should give the victims your contact information. Additionally, taking down their information will help you keep your statements straight. With their information, you can properly identify each driver involved in an accident. 

Witnessing an accident is a great time to ensure your car insurance policy is comprehensive. If you live in Fayetteville, NC or the surrounding area, Cross Creek Insurance is happy to assist you with finding the perfect insurance policy for your vehicles.