Your Business Needs the Protection of Commercial Insurance

Protect your business with commercial insurance if you are a business owner in the Hope Hills, NC area. The professionals at Cross Creek Insurance can get you started today with the protection your business needs.

First, ensure you are working with an agent with vast experience in commercial insurance. The agent can discuss typical losses in your industry and provide coverage options for your business. Open communication is critical.

Commercial insurance is vital for businesses. It protects from commonly experienced losses, including theft, property damage, employee injury, and liability. Without the proper coverage, your business would recover more easily than without it. The risk of going out of business is excellent without this coverage.

There are three types of commercial insurance to consider.

Liability coverage protects you from injuries on business property to clients and customers. Property insurance provides protection for the property from events such as flood damage or fire. Workers’ compensation protects the business if an employee is injured or becomes ill because of their job. It also stops employees from filing a lawsuit against the company for negligence. Within each of these categories, specialized forms of coverage can protect you from business-specific liability.

Commercial insurance is probably the most significant investment you can make in your business. The severe financial loss you could suffer in the event of a lawsuit can make the difference between remaining in business and going under. Don’t risk everything you have worked hard to build.

The insurance pros at Cross Creek insurance can discuss all the options available to you and provide a no-obligation quote to get you started. Protect your livelihood with commercial insurance. Contact our office today. You will be glad you did.

Life Insurance Protects the Future of Your Loved Ones

What would happen to your spouse and kids if something happened to you? Life insurance protection removes any doubt about their future financial security. Cross Creek Insurance provides this protection in and around the Hope Hills, NC area.

Life insurance provides financial security, pays off debt, helps pay for living expenses, and pays any medical bills or final expenses. A life insurance policy provides money when it is most needed. Your beneficiaries receive the policy payout immediately and are not subject to federal income tax. If your policy is for $500,000, that is the amount your beneficiary will receive.

First, determine how much insurance you need to meet goals over time and what you can afford to pay for. Then learn what types of insurance will meet your needs. After considering initial premium payments, along with any increases in premiums over time, additional death benefits, and any living benefits that could be utilized before death, choose the type of policy or combination of policies that will best meet your needs.

If you are a young individual wondering why this type of coverage would help you, consider this. Accidents and illnesses can occur anytime to anyone, regardless of age. If you have a young family, don’t leave them wondering what their future would look like without you.

The legacy of a life insurance policy can provide you with lasting peace of mind knowing your family will be taken care of. Working with Cross Creek Insurance professionals can help simplify the process. They can explain the difference between the types of policies, calculate the amount of coverage you need, and identify any potential options that will suit your needs. Contact our team today. You will be glad you did.

Understanding Commercial Flood Insurance in North Carolina

If you’re reading the news, you’re seeing stories of catastrophic flooding across the U.S. From Kentucky to Florida, significant flooding events have caused untold damage to homes and businesses, and it’s clear that protection against these risks is essential. Cross Creek Insurance wants you to be protected when it comes to flood risk near Hope Hills, NC. Here are some tips you need to know.

North Carolina Insurance Coverage

According to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, flood and earthquake coverage is not part of most typical insurance policies. While earthquake policies can be private add-ons, flood insurance is legally required to go through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The NFIP sets flood insurance rates and designates which locations are eligible for flood insurance by county and zip code.

Additional Business Insurance

While you cannot get direct flood insurance outside of the NFIP, many business insurance policies may support you if you fear flood risk in a non-traditional flood area. Business insurance policies can often be expanded to insure against loss of product and revenue. Property insurance can help support risks to your building or store inventory. Loss of Use style policies can help support your business if you are forced to close for any reason. Liability policies can help protect against risk or injury to a person and your damaged property.

Many businesses bundle policies with a qualified insurance agent, often called a comprehensive policy. These bundled policies can help protect against damage in all areas of your business, from flood to fire. Cross Creek Insurance experts can help ensure you aren’t missing any critical areas of coverage for business in Hope Hills, NC. Contact us today.

How to Decide on Life Insurance in Hope Hills, NC

Life can throw many curve balls our way, and sometimes it’s hard to know what kind of life insurance policy is right for us.

Here are a few things to think about when you’re trying to decide on life insurance in Hope Hills, NC:

What is Your Current Financial Situation?

This includes things like your income, your debts, and your overall financial goals. You’ll want to ensure you have enough life insurance to cover your debts and final expenses, but you don’t want to over-insure yourself and miss out on other financial opportunities. Your Cross Creek Insurance agent can help you determine how much life insurance you need based on your current financial situation.

What is Your Family Situation?

Do you have a spouse or partner? Children? Other dependents? Your life insurance policy should protect your loved ones in the event of your death. If you have a stay-at-home spouse, you’ll want to make sure they have enough money to pay certain expenses, such as the mortgage or child care, in the event of your death. If you have adult children, you may not need as much life insurance, but you’ll still want to ensure they’re taken care of financially in case of your death.

What is Your Lifestyle?

Your lifestyle choices can impact your life insurance needs. If you have risky hobbies, such as rock climbing or bungee jumping, you may need to purchase a more expensive policy with higher coverage. If you smoke cigarettes, you’ll also pay more for life insurance.

Our lives are constantly changing, and so are our life insurance needs. It’s important to review your life insurance policy every few years to ensure it still meets your needs. If you have any questions about life insurance in Hope Hills, NC, or if you need to review your policy, contact Cross Creek Insurance today. We’re here to help you make the best decisions for your family.

Do You Need Whole or Term Life Insurance in Hope Hills, NC?

When deciding whether whole or term life insurance is right for you, there’s a lot to think about. Whole life insurance offers a death benefit and cash value that you can access while you’re alive, while term life insurance only offers a death benefit.

Whole or Term Life Insurance?

So which one is right for you? It depends on your needs and goals. If you’re looking for coverage to protect your family in case of death, then term life insurance is a good option. If you’re looking for a way to save for retirement or other long-term goals, then whole life insurance may be a better choice.

Contact Cross Creek Insurance Agency in Hope Hills, NC today to discuss your life insurance options. We can help you decide if whole or term life insurance is right for you.

Pros and Cons of Whole and Term Life Insurance

There are pros and cons to both whole and term life insurance. Whole life insurance can be more expensive than term life insurance but offers more flexibility and benefits. Term life insurance is less costly but only provides a death benefit.

Choosing the Right Life Insurance Coverage

When deciding which type of life insurance is right for you, you must talk to an experienced agent who can help you understand your options and make the best decision for your needs.

Cross Creek Insurance Agency has been helping Hope Hills, NC families with their life insurance needs for years. Contact us today to learn more about whole and term life insurance and to get a quote.

Do I need to get commercial insurance for my Hope Hills business?

Those that live in the Hope Hills, NC area will find that being a business owner can be a great career path. As you are looking to build a business here, getting proper insurance needs to be a priority. There are various reasons why a business owner in this part of North Carolina must have a proper commercial insurance policy at all times. 

Protect Your Company

The most important reason you should have commercial insurance for your North Carolina business is so you can protect your company. Commercial insurance offers various coverage forms, including protection for your business assets and commercial liability risk mitigation. Both of these types of coverage can help to protect your business during some otherwise challenging situations.

Meet Requirements Set for Business

You also will want to get a commercial insurance plan to ensure you meet the standards set for your company. A variety of common contracts and transactions will result in a business’s insurance requirements. Most lenders, investors, vendors, and large clients will require that you have this coverage before entering into a transaction. This commercial insurance will ensure you remain in good standing with this obligation.

Being a business owner can be a good option if you are in the Hope Hills, NC area. As you are looking to build your business here, it would be helpful for you to call Cross Creek Insurance. Many choices come with selecting any insurance for your business, but Cross Creek Insurance can make it easier for you. These professionals understand the value of this coverage and can help you build a policy that will meet your needs. 

Required Commercial Insurance in North Carolina

When you have a business in North Carolina, there are certain types of commercial insurance that you may need. Two types of commercial insurance are mandated for many North Carolina businesses, but these aren’t the only types your business could use to stay safer. Call us at Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC to talk to an agent about the types of your business needs. 

Workers’ Compensation

This type of insurance is a policy that you have for your employees. Suppose one of them were to be injured while on the job. This policy would pay for the resulting medical bills. This insurance coverage is required if your business has at least three employees. The employees can be either full or part-time. This policy also provides several employee expenses, including their lost wages after an accident. It also includes employee disability payments. This can protect your business against liability and keep employees from suing for medical bills. 

Commercial Auto Coverage

If your business owns any type of vehicle, state law requires you to have it insured with a commercial auto policy. When a work vehicle gets into an accident that is your driver’s fault, this insurance will pay for the resulting medical bills for the third parties and the damage to their vehicle. It must have a specific amount of coverage for one person’s bodily injury liability and another amount for everyone’s bodily injury liability in the accident. It also requires a specific amount for property damage liability. These are the required coverages by law, but you can also add additional coverage to your policy to protect your work vehicle. 

Get Your Business Covered

If your business doesn’t have the coverage it needs, it’s time to call us at Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC.


What does your auto policy cover when renting a car?

The greater Hope Hills, NC community can rely on the team at Cross Creek Insurance for all of its insurance needs. If you have questions about auto insurance, we can help! Our team is here to help guide you through your insurance decisions. Give us a call or stop by the office today!

What does your auto policy cover when you’re renting a car?

We all know the confusion that occurs when we are asked what insurance we want when renting a car. This can cause us to be over or under-insured. Do you know what your auto policy covers when it comes to car rentals?

It is common for people to do a little research when choosing their auto policy and then never really think about it again. This can create some issues when it comes to missing out on features you are paying for. There’s no reason to pay twice for a service!

Car rental insurance is one thing that many folks don’t realize comes with many auto policies. If you’ve never checked your policy to see what features it provides, it may not be a bad idea to sit down with a local agent. It’s a smart idea to know what you are paying for when it comes to your auto policy! If you want to have the insurance you need when renting a car, it’s a great time to review your policy.

Give us a call today!

The entire Hope Hills, NC area can count on Cross Creek Insurance for their insurance needs. If you are unsure if you have the auto policy that best meets your needs, call us today. We are here for you!

Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Though you may not want to spend any extra money on life insurance, the truth is that it could be a big mistake. Life insurance is meant to give you peace of mind to help your family after you are gone.

However, it is more than that. Here are many reasons why you need life insurance. 

Your family will get a lump sum of money after your death. Your beneficiaries will get their money in order to help them through difficult times. They will have the money to pay for your funeral, as well as keep their life going while dealing with their grief. 

If you were the primary breadwinner (and even if you aren’t), this money can help replace your income. It can help them keep up with their bills, including your mortgage, health care, electricity, and everything else. This will give them time to grieve before having to figure out how they are going to pay for everything without you. 

It is tax-free. If your policy is for fifty thousand dollars, your family will get all of it. They won’t get taxed and lose some of that money to the government. 

If you don’t want to worry about your family when you are gone, you need to get life insurance. They will get a lump sum of money to keep their bills paid, while they are dealing with their grief. Even better, it is tax-free, so they will get all of it! 

If you want to make sure that your family is protected, in case of your death, you should contact Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC. We will make sure that you have enough life insurance to help your family. 

Does your NC business have the right insurance coverage?

Hope Hills, NC area small business owners can rely on the folks at Cross Creek Insurance to help them secure the necessary policy to protect their businesses. We believe that business ownership is an important part of our community, and are dedicated to helping those in our area get the insurance coverage they need.

Protect your business with the right commercial policy

Protecting your business from loss and liability is a job for any successful business owner. There is a lot that can go wrong when it comes to running a business, and it only makes sense to have the right commercial policy in place.

As businesses grow and become more successful, their insurance requirements can change. It’s important to review all commercial policies at least once a year, if not twice. Making sure that your commercial policy is keeping pace with company needs is often a task that is overlooked or left undone.

Savvy business owners take the time to review all of their insurance protection needs on a regular basis. If their reviews reveal any gaps in coverage, they take the steps necessary to fill them. When a company has the right comprehensive insurance policy in place, owners and managers can focus on keeping the company thriving. There is no reason to have insurance coverage that lags behind a company’s needs. 

If you are unsure if your company has the right insurance in place, now is a great time for a policy review. Protect your company with the right policy.

Now is the perfect time to review your options!

Cross Creek Insurance is here for business owners in the greater Hope Hills, NC area. If you want to protect your business with a comprehensive commercial policy, give us a call today.