Flash Flood Damage and Auto Insurance

With regional weather changing away dramatically from historical patterns, people are finding that problems are happening with a lot less warning and more dramatic instances. Flash flooding is a big issue, especially in areas that are valleys between slopes as well as areas that represent runoff zones for regional rivers and drainage. That can mean folks very well find themselves in serious trouble with surprises and immediate changes in water levels with little warning or advance notice. Flooding is one of those not-so-common conditions that frequently ends up in a gray area with auto coverage. On the one hand, acts of God tend to be covered if the car owner has a comprehensive plan which anticipates such situations. On the other hand, limited policies may exclude flooding or may require additional documentation that can show the owner had no chance of being able to move or protect the car first before the damage occurred.

For those who are in areas near creeks, rivers, runoffs or drainage areas, it’s a smart idea to take a close look at one’s existing car policy and see what it says about flooding in general. If there is no specific mention, it may be wise to get a reconsideration or a plan change. If you’re in the Hope Hills, NC region, Cross Creek Insurance can help decipher and make sense of the ins and outs in auto insurance policies and what’s covered with each coverage choice. There’s no reason to play a guessing game. Their expert agents can walk a consumer through each situation and how it will be handled with the appropriate coverage in place. It’s the kind of service that makes a difference in a world filled with a lot of confusing rules otherwise.