When is it Necessary to Update Auto Insurance?

If you haven’t reviewed your car insurance lately, it would be wise to do so. Lifestyle changes over the last year could have some effect on your policy. You don’t want to wait for an accident to happen to discover there are gaps in your coverage. Changes in your personal situation may even qualify you for insurance discounts you weren’t eligible before. If you’ve gone through any of the following changes in the last year, it’s to your advantage to update your auto insurance coverage.

Change of Employment – A new job could alter your driving patterns, increasing or reducing your risk of accidents. These changes could affect the cost of your premium. If you drive much less due to a shorter commute, you may be able to get a discount on your insurance.

New Home Purchase – If you’ve bought a new house in Hope Hills, NC, you could accrue substantial savings by bundling your auto and home policies with Cross Creek Insurance. By talking to a local agent, you can get a better idea of the benefits that bundling has to offer.

Marital Status – If you’re adding or removing a spouse from your policy due to marriage or divorce, you’ll need to update your coverage.

Add a Teen Driver to your Policy – If you’re planning to add your teen son or daughter to your insurance, you should update your policy to ensure you have adequate coverage for all drivers in your family. Young drivers increase the risk of accidents. By raising your coverage limits, you’ll have ample protection against any eventuality. On the positive side, if your teen has completed a driver’s training course, you could qualify for a discount on your auto insurance. 

For more information on how lifestyle changes can affect your auto insurance coverage, talk to a Cross Creek Insurance agent at Hope Hills, NC.