What Umbrella Insurance Covers That a General Policy Won’t

Umbrella insurance is separate from a general insurance policy and helps to cover liability and damages- picking up the slack where a general insurance policy stops- or covering what that policy won’t. An umbrella policy is an important part of protecting yourself, home or business from unforeseen circumstances that can negatively and financially impact your life, including: lawsuits, injuries, theft, natural disasters and much more.

If you are interested in getting an umbrella policy, 1st American Insurance Agency in Longmont, CO is here to walk you through the process. So, let’s consider what exactly is covered in an umbrella policy and why it is important to have in addition to a basic policy.   

What Will an Umbrella Policy Cover?

Remember, an umbrella policy is separate, additional liability coverage and can be for your home, automobile, boat, business or other property. Coverage includes legal situations- including fees and damages if you are found liable-rental property coverage, injuries and other, unexpected situations that may arise.

How do I Know if my General Policy isn’t Enough?

As an umbrella policy provides additional coverage, it is a back up to your general policy to cover what it won’t. In example, if you have $200,000 worth of liability coverage on your general policy and you are sued and found liable to pay $300,000, your general policy won’t cover that.  General insurance policies will only cover your own property damage or physical injuries- not others’. This is where you can avoid going bankrupt having to come up with the money out-of-pocket. Umbrella insurance includes at-fault damages and will keep you protected.

Having an umbrella policy is that added reassurance that your property is safe and that you are protecting your family and business from future potential losses. Avoid the headache of working with the unknown and protect yourself in advance with an umbrella insurance policy. 

Do you Need Both Auto and RV Insurance?

When it comes to RV’s and other campers that you use to recreate, there are some specific insurance considerations that you need to keep in mind. Though it might seem simple enough, RV insurance is not something that everyone can understand clearly and it may cause some issue when finding the policy that is going to be right for you. For those that live in the Arvada, CO area, the agents with Alliance Insurance Services can help you determine what insurance coverage is going to be right for you no matter what sort of RV you have.

A great place to start is to look at whether or not your auto insurance is going to cover your RV should it become damaged or destroyed while on the road. There is a simple way to answer this question. For starters, those RVs that can be towed behind a vehicle are going to be covered on your auto policy as they are not vehicles that can be driven on their own. They are instead vehicles that are reliant on your car to be able to move. This means that they can be considered an extension of your car and can be covered on your simple auto policy.

If you have an RV however that can drive on its own, you may want to have a separate RV policy to cover the RV without having to tack it onto your auto policy. In many cases, your RV is going to be covered just find on your auto policy and you may not need to worry about having a separate policy. In any case, if you live in or around the Arvada, CO area, the agents with Alliance Insurance Services are going to be able to answer any questions you may have and create the perfect RV or auto policy.

Should I Call a Contractor Before or After Filing a Home Insurance Claim?

If your home was damaged, you may find yourself wondering whether you should file a homeowners insurance claim or contact a contractor first. This is a question that many people ask us at Cross Creek Insurance, serving the greater Hope Hills, NC area. Here is some information you will want to know if you are facing this scenario. 

Who Should You Call First? 

If you are unsure as to how much damage has been done or the costs of the damage, it is fine to call a contractor first. Many people obtain estimates before filing a claim because they are not sure if the total cost of repairs will exceed their deductible. However, if you contact a contractor for an estimate, always be sure to have it done in a timely manner. You will want to file a homeowners insurance claim as quickly as possible. If you know that you will be filing a home insurance claim, or you cannot get an estimate within a day or two, it is best to file a claim and wait for estimates from contractors. This helps to ensure that your claim is processed in a timely manner. 

Having the right home insurance policy in place is important just in case you ever need to file a claim. If it has been a few years since your home insurance policy was looked at and had changes made, it may be time to reevaluate your policy limits and your current policy. Bring your policy to Cross Creek Insurance, serving the Hope Hills, NC area today. We can look at and determine if your policy limits still meet your needs or if it is time for a new policy. 

Will car insurance pay for water damage?

When floods occur or simply leaks in your car from the rain, water damage can majorly damage the interior of your vehicle. If the flooding is severe enough, it can damage major components like the engine or battery. If you have a comprehensive car insurance plan, you may be covered for water damage. If you live in Hope Hills, NC, consult with Cross Creek Insurance to see if they have comprehensive plans to cover water damage.

Preventing Water Damage

Even though your comprehensive insurance plan may cover water damage to your car, you should still be diligent enough to take precautions to secure your vehicle. If you are too negligent, you may find yourself having your claim contested in some instances. Make sure that any sunroofs, windows, or doors are adequately sealed and it should be replaced periodically. Also get in the habit of rolling up your windows when you leave your car.

You should also keep in mind that many comprehensive plans don’t want to cover any external or unattached equipment in your vehicle. This may include things like sound equipment, GPS devices, or electronic equipment stored in the vehile. Plans may also require you to pay out of pocket before contributing to the cost of damages. There are also limits to comprehensive plans that cover water damage, so make sure that you take care of your vehicle to prevent grave damage.

Considering the natural disasters that may occur living near the ocean, it is a good idea to have an insurance plan that includes water damage. Consult with an agent at Cross Creek Insurance if you live in the Hope Hills, NC area. Coverage may vary depending on your type of vehicle, its age, and your current auto insurance plan.


Am I responsible if a burglar is hurt committing a crime on my property?

When you invite someone onto your property or into your home, you legally owe them a duty of care. If you don’t maintain your property so visitors can be safe, they may be able to sue you for their injuries.

You should understand premises liability laws when deciding how much coverage to get from Cross Creek Insurance serving Hope Hills, NC.  But what if the person who was injured was not there at your invitation, but came to commit a crime?

As a General Rule, No

The law does not protect trespassers from injury, so someone who comes to commit a crime, such as burglary, cannot normally recover for any injuries. However, this is not a punishment.

The reason the law does not protect trespassers is because property owners will normally have no way of predicting when trespassers will be there. Also, they will have no way to warn trespassers of specific hazards like loose floorboards or water.

Willful and Wanton Conduct

A normal trespasser may be able to sue you and win if he can prove that you should have been able to predict the trespass, such as when your place is commonly used as a shortcut. On the opposite end of the scale, you may be able to shoot a burglar if you felt the person was a danger to you or your family.

On the other hand, if you have something valuable and want to protect it, you cannot set a trap for the burglar. You will be responsible for the injuries of the burglar. You can also never use deadly force to protect property. You can consider all these issues when choosing a policy from Cross Creek Insurance serving Hope Hills, NC.

Commercial Property Insurance for Your Home Based Business

Working from home comes with many unique challenges. One of them is finding the right combination of insurance policies to cover your residential and commercial interests. What policies should a small business owner have for their home-based operation?

The Limits of Your Homeowner’s Policy

Your homeowner’s policy covers everything under your roof, right? Not exactly. Your personal property is covered. If you lose equipment that legally belonged to an incorporated business entity, your insurance company might refuse to pay.

Also, your insurance payout may not be enough to cover any costly equipment or inventory. Repairs or replacements would have to come out of your pockets. Insufficient cash flow is the number one killer of small businesses.

Renter’s insurance policies may not cover property that is stored outside of the building. If you use your yard as a work or storage space, you will need additional coverage.

Home-based business owners need separate policies to protect their business and personal assets. If you’re in the Hope Hills, NC area, the insurance experts at Cross Creek Insurance can help you find the right combination of policies to cover all your important property.

Coverage for Your Business Interests

Some common policies that home-based business owners may need include:

  • Business property coverage to protect your computers, machinery, and inventory.
  • General liability coverage covers your legal costs if your business is found liable for an injury, accident, or other loss.
  • Business interruption coverage pays you when you can’t work your business due to catastrophic loss.
  • Commercial auto coverage ensures your work vehicles.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need additional policies or endorsements. Cross Creek Insurance serves the insurance needs of Hope Hills, NC area. Our agents can help you customize a combination of policies to protect your life, business, and property.

The Differences Between Whole and Term Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, there are many different types of policies available for you to choose from. At the very basic level, there are two different categories that life insurance can fall under: whole and term life. Before you purchase a life insurance policy in Hope Hills, NC it is important to know the difference between the two from Cross Creek Insurance so you can make the right decision. 

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is designed to last for your entire life. You can sign up for a policy that you will pay for over a set number of years and then you will cease payments. However, this life insurance is designed to stay with you until you die and is better suited for people who are looking at more of a long term goal. Some policies even have a cash value associated with them and you can earn money on the policy over time. This policy tends to be more expensive.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is designed to only last until a certain age. However, one of the benefits of this type of insurance policy is that it is less expensive. Since it does not last for life though, it is more of a short term policy that will expire when you stop making payments or until you reach a certain age. These policies also do not have a cash value associated with them in the majority of cases. 

Now that you know the difference between whole and term life insurance, you can better decide which is the better option for your current situation. If you are interested in learning more about your options and getting a quote to fit within your budget, be sure to contact Cross Creek Insurance serving Hope Hills, NC today. 

Does A Farm Qualify For Commercial Insurance?

At Cross Creek Insurance, we provide great commercial insurance that is designed to suit a wide variety of needs. For example, we can provide those in Hope Hills, NC with insurance for their farm. Does a farm qualify for commercial insurance or does it require a different type?

Does It Qualify As A Farm?

The most important thing you need to do when insuring your farm is to ensure that it qualifies for commercial farm insurance. For example, it needs buildings that are used in farming operations, crops and livestock, equipment used to manage a farm, boarding houses for workers, people who work on the property, and the capacity to sell products for profit.

As a result, a farm, even if you live on the property, will then qualify for commercial insurance. However, the farm home will need to be covered with a home policy, rather than a commercial policy. A commercial policy for a farm will only cover the property that you use to do your farm work, though some policies may cover certain aspects if your home is damaged.

Policy Types Will Vary

A commercial insurance policy for a farm will cover a wide range of farm aspects. It will cover your property and protect it from the weather, fire, and other serious disasters. However, it also includes liability policies in case that somebody gets injured, medical coverage if somebody gets hurt, living expenses if your living area is damaged, and more. Typically, you are going to need to get specific coverage for livestock, such as cows, chickens, and pigs.

Cover Your Farm Successfully

If you need to get your Hope Hills, NC farm covered by high-quality commercial insurance, contact us at Cross Creek Insurance. We can pinpoint a great policy that works for you and fully cover your business.

Does Auto Insurance Cover the Cost of Pets in your car?

Our pets are like family and for many, it is a gamble to get them into the car. There are some that worry that their pets are not covered it the event of an accident. For those in the Hope Hills, NC area, the agents with Cross Creek Insurance can help you to understand just what your pets are covered for.

For the most part, pets are covered to a certain extent on all auto policies without your having to buy any extra coverage. What this means is that injury to pets is covered up to $1,000 for bills to the vet but this is not going to cover the cost of all the bills in the event of very serious injury. If your pet is just in need of a check up after an accident, the built in coverage will be enough to serve your needs. If your pet is seriously injured you are going to have to pay the remainder of the bill out of pocket.

Overall, if you have pets that travel with you in the car once or twice every few months, you are likely not going to need a huge policy to cover them. If they ride with you often, however, your risk of them being injured in an accident is much higher and you likely need more coverage. For those that have their pets in the car often, it may be beneficial to take out an extra umbrella of coverage to take care of them. You can purchase extra coverage through your auto policy or you can purchase a separate pet policy that covers your pet both in the car and at home. For those in the Hope Hills, NC area, the agents with Cross Creek Insurance can help you to cover your pets.

Strange Items That home Insurance Covers

Home insurance is something that all homeowners should have and it covers a wide range of things. For the most part, home insurance covers the typical issues that might pop up here and there, but there are also some pretty strange things that it covers. For those that live in the Hope Hills, NC area, the agents with Cross Creek Insurance can tell you just what your policy covers.

Aside from your typical fire and burst pipes coverage, most policies have what is called an open peril policy that covers the cost of things that fall from the sky. This means things like plane parts, meteors, and any other object that might fall from the sky to land on your home. Another clause that most policies have is to cover volcano eruptions. This only covers damage from the volcano, however, not from any associated earthquakes.

Your homeowner’s policy may also help cover reward money if your home is broken into and you want to offer a reward. On top of all that, your policy may also cover the cost of clean up for any unattended death, murder, suicide, or another major injury in the home. This is not something that every single policy has but rather something that many have. If you are curious, you should contact your agent to see if your policy covers it. Lastly, your policy may cover tombstones if they are damaged, cracked, or otherwise damaged by people playing pranks.

For those in the Hope Hills, NC area, the agents with Cross Creek Insurance can tell you just what strange things your policy covers and what you may want to add additional coverage for in order to be fully protected.