When Should You Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance can help protect family members left behind after death in Hope Hills, NC. Many young people do not think about life insurance because they are more concerned with the present time instead of the future, and no one wants to think about his or her premature death. The best time to purchase life insurance is at birth because, as each year passes, a policy becomes more expensive. When a parent purchases life insurance for a child, the policy is prepaid and then transferred once the child turns 18.

The cash from life insurance grows tax-deferred. When a policy is purchased at a young age, the money can be used as a down payment on a home or, if held onto long enough, it could be used to supplement retirement income instead of being used for death benefits. Since many people struggle with finances in today’s economy, many choose to skip life insurance. It is important to know that there are options available depending on needs. An agent at Cross Creek Insurance can help you with the right options for your situation.

If life insurance is not purchased when the child is young, it’s best to purchase it under the age of 35. However, many people in this category are more concerned with paying immediate bills than worrying about the future.

It can be costly to forgo life insurance at a young age. It’s usually much cheaper to purchase earlier in life. Not only can be it be more expensive, it can also be more difficult to acquire life insurance. As an individual gets older medical conditions can arise, which lead to higher premiums and the possibility that coverage could be denied.

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Does Your Auto Insurance Coverage Damage Caused By Drunk Driving?

If you live in Hope Hills, NC and caused an accident while drunk driving, you may be worried about your insurance coverage. We at Cross Creek Insurance can assure you that some types of policies will help even if you are drunk driving.

If you have liability insurance on your car, then your policy will cover the accident you cause while driving drunk. That is the purpose of liability insurance: to cover problems that you cause in an accident. However, it will only cover the damage that you cause to others.

For example, if you seriously devastate somebody’s car in an accident and cause them any kind of injury, your insurance will pay for their repair and health bills. However, your liability coverage will have a limit and, if courts decide you must pay these expenses, you will pay the rest once your insurance is done.

And if you are convicted of a DUI offense or any other crime after the accident, your insurance rates will skyrocket. At that point, you are now considered a high-risk driver. While that label won’t stay on your record forever, it will be hard to shake. Thankfully, your policy will not be canceled by your provider because of an accident.

If you are not only drunk but driving recklessly (such as driving at extreme speeds), your legal problems are going to be huge if you are caught. However, your insurance company will still pay for any accidents you cause, as long as you have liability insurance.

The reasons they pay for both drunken driving and reckless driving accidents is simple. While these actions are against the law, you did not engage in them to cause an accident. Therefore, people injured by your actions will still get help from your policy.

Obviously, it is best if Hope Hills, NC residents simply avoid drunk driving completely. And if you live in the area and want great liability insurance, please contact us at Cross Creek Insurance today.

Top Tips for Marketing Your Commercial Property

Do you have commercial property in Hope Hills, NC that you would like to sell? If so, it is pertinent that you market your properties to your fullest potential. The better you market the properties, the more likely you will create a bidding war between potential buyers, which is an excellent way to drive up the selling price. For now, here is a quick look at two of the top tips for marketing your commercial properties.

Market Yourself Along With your Listings

The Internet has made it possible to make everyone’s voice heard. This may seem like an old trick but the latest ways to self-promote, like content marketing, is a big part of brand-building strategies. Even though today’s consumers on the Internet are being blasted by advertising languages on every page, there are ways to build your brand and increase notoriety through content marketing. To do this, you should start your very own web publication that focuses on commercial properties and why they make a good investment. In doing this, you can establish yourself as a leader in the commercial property real estate industry. Clients will then be more likely to view your commercial properties that are up for sale.

Video for Visual

Humans are visual creatures. You work hard on your listing, so why not vamp it up using video? There are two valuable advantages you’ll gain with video marketing. The first is that video adds a new dimension when it comes to exploring the property. It adds a better feel and depth, helping to inspire the viewer and giving them a feeling that they are actually in person looking at the commercial building structure and land you are selling. YouTube is a great place to publish and market your video listings and has proven itself time and time again as a solid form of commercial property advertising.

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During the process of selling your commercial properties, you will need to maintain the appropriate type of insurance. To learn more about commercial insurance policies, contact the Cross Creek Insurance today serving the Hope Hills, NC area.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Home Based Business Claims?

As more people develop side-hustles to supplement their incomes from their day jobs, home-based businesses are popping up in many neighborhoods. It never occurs to many homeowners that, as the business grows, their insurance needs may change. These tips from Cross Creek Insurance will help Hope Hills, NC home and business owners make wise insurance decisions.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Don’t assume that your homeowner’s insurance will cover your business too.  In some cases, your business property won’t be covered in case of a claim, so a break-in, fire, or storm could leave you on the line for replacing expensive business items. Additionally, in some cases, using your home as a place of business may even invalidate your home insurance. Check with your insurance agent to develop an insurance plan that won’t leave you at risk.

Consider Limits of Liability

Look around your home office and tally up the full cost of your business related items. Computers, printers, inventory, and tools for your trade may add up to thousands of dollars invested in your business. Adding the costs these business items onto the costs of your personal property means that a total loss may exceed the maximum of liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy. A business policy or a business rider on your homeowner’s policy can help you avoid losing the hard-earned money you’ve invested in your business.

If Clients Come to Your Home Office, You Need Protection

If clients, salespeople, or co-workers come to your home office, you definitely need business liability insurance. If your visiting nephew slips on the stairs and sprains his ankle, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for medical treatment. But, if your client slips on the same stairs, it’s likely that your homeowner’s insurance will not cover his medical treatment. Protect yourself, your business and your clients by adding business liability insurance to your policy.

If you have more questions about the insurance needs of your home-based business in Hope Hills, NC, contact Cross Creek Insurance.

Are Auto Insurance Rates Climbing In North Carolina?

A recent survey found that the average driver pays just over $1,400 per term for auto insurance in 2018. Such number is around 20 percent more than what consumers were paying for similar policies in 2011. Although North Carolina was not listed as one of the most expensive regarding indemnity policies for cars and trucks, it is certainly counted among those regions with climbing rates. Why you may wonder, is insurance in Hope Hills, NC and beyond getting more expensive? Blame it on technology and population, and then look to Cross Creek Insurance for help.

It is no secret that cars are becoming more complex every year. An infotainment system used to be something that only luxury auto buyers could possess. Now, the feature comes standard in every car. The convenience of having everything from navigation to SiriusXM radio at your fingertips does not come at a low price. As car prices rise, so do auto insurance rates. Thus, the reason why you may find yourself paying well over $150 per month to assure a compact car.

Technology also comes with the disadvantage of distraction.  A person torn between finding his favorite station on the radio and connecting his smartphone to the car’s system is not concerned about what is in front of him. You may find yourself rear-ended if you are that unlucky automobile in his path. Distraction becomes an even bigger problem in urban areas because the population in these regions is higher. Imagine twenty people on the highway trying to organize their day via their smartphone while driving. The combination is a recipe for disaster.

There is no way of completely avoiding an accident in Hope Hills, NC, but there is a solution to the financial turmoil that you may face after having a car wreck. You can find the right indemnity policy now that will cover everything from your damaged vehicle to the other person’s medical bills. Call Cross Creek Insurance today for a quote!

Three Reasons Why You May Want to Insure an Inoperable Vehicle

One of the biggest myths out there is that you only need to ensure a car when it is operable or being driven on the roads. Here at Cross Creek Insurance, serving the greater Hope Hills, NC area, we want to educate everyone on the importance of ensuring inoperable vehicles as well. Here are three key reasons you may wish to keep an inoperable vehicle insured.

Covers Vandalism

If you have an inoperable vehicle, you may not be able to get into a car accident in the car, but it can still be vandalized. If someone throws a rock at it or breaks the window, comprehensive car insurance can help cover the loss caused by these things.

Covers Theft

An inoperable vehicle may be more of a challenge to steal, but that does not mean that it cannot happen. Someone may tow or haul away your inoperable vehicle and your neighbors may not say anything, thinking that you sold the unused car or are having it repaired. Comprehensive auto insurance helps to protect you against the financial loss that a stolen car may cause you.

Helps You Register Your Vehicle

The last reason why you may wish to keep an inoperable vehicle insured is that it helps you to register your vehicle. In many states, if you don’t have insurance, you can’t insure the car. And even inoperable cars need to be registered or you can be ticketed for having an unregistered car on your property.

If you have an inoperable vehicle that is not currently insured, now is the perfect time to insure it. Contact Cross Creek Insurance, serving the greater Hope Hills, NC area, for a free estimate today.

Avoiding Life Insurance Loopholes

Hope Hills, NC residents need high-quality life insurance to protect their families. However, there are many loopholes that are easy to fall into when getting this type of coverage. We’ve seen them all at Cross Creek Insurance and can help you avoid them.

Lying On Your Application

The truth will set you free when it comes to life insurance. If you lie on your policy and your provider finds out, they can deny your policy. Lying can be as simple as misrepresenting a disease you have or even denying a serious life-changing condition, such as cancer when buying a policy.

Drug And Alcohol Use

This loophole can be a very problematic one for many people. It states that if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you die, the insurance company can deny your claim. This fact is true even if the drugs or alcohol had nothing to do with your death. It can be a very troubling one if you enjoy a drink now and again and die at home due to a heart attack not related to your alcohol intake.

The Suicide Loophole

Those who are suffering from a serious disease may try to use suicide as a way of helping their families. As a result, life insurance companies have a clause that allows them to deny payment for the first two years of the policy. After that, beneficiaries only receive the premiums the policyholder paid for their deaths.

Performing Dangerous Activities

Traveling to dangerous or even war-torn areas, performing extreme sports, or doing other dangerous activities can void your life insurance. That’s because you weren’t taking due care to prevent your death.

Keeping Your Coverage Active

If you want your Hope Hills, NC life insurance to pay off, please contact us at Cross Creek Insurance. Our experts will make sure you don’t fall into these loopholes and void your policy, leaving your beneficiaries in a tough situation.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Business Equipment?

If you want to ensure your expensive equipment is covered if damage or disaster occurs, then you need to purchase equipment breakdown coverage in Hope Hills, NC. Traditional commercial insurance policies from Cross Creek Insurance do not cover this and if you don’t purchase this specialty type of insurance, you may have no recourse if a breakdown does occur, besides paying for repairs or replacing the item out of your own pocket. 

How Does Equipment Damage Occur? 

There are several ways that your equipment may be damaged, resulting in a loss of productivity and profits, which include:

  • Power surges
  • Short circuits
  • Employee error

What will Equipment Breakdown Insurance Cover?  

This type of insurance policy is also referred to as “boiler and machinery” policies in Hope Hull NC. When you purchase this type of policy, you will be protected against breakdowns that are the result of power surges, boiler malfunction, motor burnout and even operator error. 

This type of policy will also cover all types of equipment – both electrical and mechanical, including boilers, refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, communication equipment and more. The policy will also include coverage for any new technology you have invested in. 

Purchasing the Right Policy is Key

If you are ready to purchase this type of insurance, there are several things you should keep in mind. For example, not all policies are created equal. As a result, you need to find a reputable agent and have them help you find the right policy for your needs. 

If you are ready to purchase equipment coverage for your business, then contact the Cross Creek Insurance team serving Hope Hills, NC. You will be able to speak to professionals in the industry who can help you get the right coverage for your business and your needs. In the long run, this will pay off and ensure your business equipment is covered. 


What You Should Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance might not be a requirement, but it’s a smart decision to have at any age. At Cross Creek Insurance Inc., serving Hope Mills, NC and the surrounding area, we offer homeowner’s, auto, commercial and life insurance policies to keep you, your family and business protected in every way we can. When you’re inquiring about life insurance and receiving a quote, there are a few aspects regarding this type of insurance you should know in order to make an informed decision. 

1. More Than One Type

Not all life insurance policies are the same type of policy. They classify as either a term or cash-value policy. A term insurance policy doesn’t have any investment component. You decide on the amount of coverage you need as well as how long you desire the coverage to stay in effect. Financial planners typically recommend purchasing a term policy and investing the difference between the cost of a cash-value premium and a term-insurance policy into a cash-value premium.  

A cash-value plan is a bit more confusing. The policy pays out upon your death, but during your life, it increases in value. This particular investment isn’t taxable, and you’re able to borrow against it or use it as a means to pay off policy premiums later in life. You’re also able to pass it to your heirs.  

2. How Much You Need Varies

The amount of insurance you need varies based on if the money will be used to replace your income upon your passing, if it’s going to be used to take care of your children and send them to college or if your spouse will require the money to pay off the mortgage. Basically, you’ll want to take into consideration how much of an impact your death will have on your family financially. 

To get a quote for a life insurance policy from Cross Creek Insurance Inc., serving Hope Mills, NC and the surrounding region, call us today at 910-423-2900. 


Does Commercial Insurance Cover Damages to a Company Car?

If you own a commercial business that requires you to operate a vehicle in North Carolina, then you do well to invest in business auto insurance. Contrary to what many uninformed drivers believe, personal auto insurance does not cover you if you have an accident while running an errand related to business. You need commercial insurance that pays for damages incurred to your vehicle in these instances. 

What is Business Auto Insurance?

Business auto insurance is an add-on plan that can be attached to your overall commercial indemnity policy that pays for repairs if your company car or truck is damaged. This plan usually has higher limits to accommodate for large vehicles such as bread trucks and entire fleets. In some instances, business auto insurance works like personal car assurance by paying for medical costs and other expenses related to car accidents. The plan, however, makes life more comfortable as you won’t have to fight with your indemnity provider to pay for loss related to business-related incidents as you would if you had personal liability insurance only. 

Why Buy Business Auto Insurance?

Regardless of what people may think, personal auto insurance is not meant to serve as company assurance as well. You may find yourself out of pocket if you solely rely on your personal policy to pay for damages incurred both while working and taking rides for leisure. It is essential to make sure that you are fully covered as an entrepreneur. Business auto insurance helps you stay protected. 

You should contact an agent at Cross Creek Insurance if you have questions related to commercial auto insurance. We gladly serve business owners in Hope Hills, NC, as well as those entrepreneurs in the surrounding areas. Call today for a quote!