Factors That Afffect Your Home Insurance Rate

How much you will have to pay for your Hope Hills, NC home insurance reflects a variety of things. Here are five things that can make a big difference to your home insurance rate from Cross Creek Insurance.


Several pieces of the location puzzle can change your home insurance rate. If you live in an area with a higher crime rate, your rates will be higher. Also, if your home is a significant distance from the fire station or from a fire hydrant, you will be at  a higher risk for major losses if you have a house fire. Locations where there is risk for wildfire, earthquakes, sinkholes, and severe storms like hurricanes or tornados will have higher insurance rates.

Age of the Home

Very old homes may not be covered under certain insurance policies, and some companies give discounts to those who purchase newer homes.

Swimming Pools, Trampolines and Pets

Homes that feature swimming pools and trampolines may have higher home insurance rates. There is a higher incidence of accidents related to the ownership of these fun, but somewhat risky family activities, and that means that owners of these items are more likely to make a claim. Also, owners of certain breeds of dogs may have higher insurance rates, because some breeds are seen as more likely to attack.

Credit Score

Some homeowner’s insurance companies charge more to those with poor credit scores. It pays off when you pay your bills on time each month and improve your credit score if it’s low.

Frequent Claims

If you have a record of making many claims over the past few years, it  may make your insurance rate go up. For this reason, if damage is not going to be very expensive to repair, some people simply pay for the repair out of pocket, rather than risk that the homeowner’s insurance rate will go up.

Some of these things you can control, like paying your bills on time, not filing too many claims, maintaining your home, and avoiding owning trampolines or aggressive dogs. Others are factors you may want to consider before you buy a home, like the crime rate and the distance from the fire station. If you have questions about your home insurance rate in Hope Hills, NC or the surrounding area, you can contact Cross Creek Insurance Company.