Does my Premium Increase if my car’s windshield is damaged in Hope Mills, NC?

Auto insurance increases in a variety of different situations, but the rate may or may not increase if a windshield is broken in Hope Mills, NC, depending on the reason that it was damaged and the specific details of your policy.

The Situation

Damaged windshields from an accident, attempted theft or vandalism that is covered under your policy may result in a slightly higher premium after you make a claim. Depending on the amount of damage beyond the windshield, the specific impact on your premium may vary.

Although certain situations may increase your rate, it is possible that it will not have a dramatic impact on your current payments. For example, if a hail storm causes the windshield to break or scratch, then it might not impact your coverage or your premium. The situation and your specific policy will determine if your rate will be impacted by the damages.

Policies and Variations

Every insurer has a different policy and method of determining if a situation will result in an increased rate on your current policy. Depending on the details that are described in your policy, you may or may not see an impact on your auto insurance rate.

Review your current policy to determine if you are protected and how it may impact your current rate. Some insurers offer accident forgiveness or similar forgiveness programs so that your premium will not increase if it is the first time you are making a claim.

Auto insurance can seem complicated when an accident occurs, but in many cases the impact on your current insurance rate is limited. Depending on your policy, it may not have any impact if you make a claim to replace your windshield. Contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about premiums and insurance rates.