At what age should you start thinking about a life insurance policy?

Residents who live in the Hope Hills, NC area can contact the agents of Cross Creek Insurance if they have any questions concerning life insurance. People are often curious about when they should purchase a life insurance policy and what type is best-suited for their individual needs. Age, financial security, number of dependents, and lifestyle are all factors that must be considered before purchasing any type of insurance, including life policies.

Financial Obligations

While there is no set age where a person should purchase a life insurance policy, most agents will agree that coverage is needed if you have dependents or financial obligations, such as car and home loans. Having dependents means that if something happens to you without a life insurance policy, they will not be properly cared for. The same is true for your financial obligations. If you’re gone, no one is set up to pay them and the debt may transfer to your family. Having a life insurance policy in place takes care of both situations.

The Type of Policy

Your age and the total amount of your financial obligations will determine the type of life insurance that will best suit your needs. Whole life and permanent policies will build equity and can eventually be borrowed against. Term life on the other hand, cannot be borrowed against and is only set up for a specific span of time.

Call the agents of Cross Creek Insurance if you live in or around Hope Hills, NC and have questions concerning what type of policy you should buy and how much coverage you need to fully protect your family. They can provide you with the answers you need and make sure you fully understand how each policy works.