Adopting a Child and Life Insurance Concerns

So you have decided to do it. We could not be happier at Cross Creek Insurance agency in Hope Hills, NC. You have taken the leap of faith that ensures people without homes can find a peaceful place to call home. 

In terms of your life insurance vulnerabilities adopting a child into your family is a perfect time for reassessment. The thing is that many people are so consumed with the process of the adoption that they do not consider if they are properly protecting the new addition to their family. 

Fortunately many family attorneys who are involved in the legalities of the adoption process counsel their parents on such important matters. However, for the ones who do not receive such counsel there are a few things to ponder at this joyous event.


  • Make certain your employment is aware of the addition to your family. While we are careful to add the child onto our health insurance policy, it is not always part and parcel to add them onto our employment sponsored benefit of life insurance policy.
  • Does your child have benefits on file for them with the agency that facilitated the adoption? Many state sponsored adoption agencies have state sponsored lifetime benefits for the child. Be certain that you are aware. 
  • Increase your life insurance for your larger family.  

Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC has a full staff of agents who would love to make your acquaintance while assisting with your life insurance needs. Contact us today so we can get to know you a lot better and how we can check off each and every one of your insurance needs so that you don’t have to worry about not having the coverage you need.