What Protection Does Home Insurance Provide?

Your home is a very important asset that needs to have proper insurance coverage. In situations in which you have a home loan or mortgage, you will have to have a home insurance policy in place. There are several types of protection that home insurance provides that can make buying home insurance a great idea, even if it is not required by a lender.  

Property Coverage

One type of coverage that your home insurance policy will provide is property coverage.  When you have a home insurance policy, you will have coverage if your home is damaged or destroyed by a storm, fire, or other calamity. The property coverage policy will also provide you with coverage for your personal property.  This will include coverage in the event a personal property item is stolen or vandalized. If you have valuable personal items, such as jewelry or expensive collectibles, you may need to purchase an insurance rider for your insurance policy.  

Liability Insurance

Another benefit of having a home insurance policy is that you will receive liability insurance coverage. Whenever you have someone come to your home you are taking on some liability for that person. If someone is injured on your property due to either an accident or negligence, you could be found liable. When you have a liability insurance policy in place, you will receive coverage in the event you are found to be liable for an accident that happened to another person. 

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