What premium mode should I choose when purchasing term life insurance?

Choosing a term life insurance policy for yourself or your loved one in Hope Mills, NC gives you the opportunity to explore a wide variety of options. With a little help from one of our independent agents, you can easily find the right type of coverage from a variety of carriers at reasonable and competitive prices. When choosing your next life insurance plan, you may be asked which premium mode you’d prefer.

Premiums for term life insurance policies can be paid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments. These payment types are known as “premium modes” and, in most cases, you’ll be given an opportunity to choose one as you set up your life insurance coverage. The term is also used by some insurance providers to describe available payment options such as automatic electronic funds transfer, credit cards and checks.

Each premium mode has its own set of unique benefits and drawbacks. For instance, choosing an annual premium mode may not only be cheaper in the long run, but it also allows you to pay off the yearly amount in one go. Monthly and quarterly premium modes are usually more convenient, but they also come with a slightly higher cost when compared to annual and semi-annual modes. The more frequent the payment schedule, the more it’s likely to cost you over time.

Whichever premium mode you ultimately choose for your term life policy depends largely on your specific circumstances. It’s important to give us a call so that we can best help you find the right payment methods for your plan. You may also be able to find helpful discounts that bring down your payment amounts and benefit from the best policies available.