Fayetteville Hommeowners Insurance Personal Injury Claim

A claim against your Fayetteville homeowners insurance can arise in any number of ways. The cable guy can fall off a ladder, the pizza delivery kid can trip on an uneven sidewalk, or Aunt Esther can trip over her own shadow. If you don’t have sufficient coverage, a $300,000 jury verdict can come back against you while you’re only insured for $100,000. That leaves you personally on the hook for the $200,000 balance.

As independent insurance agents, we want you, your home, family and personal property to be protected with plenty of coverage. If you’re concerned about a particularly large personal injury claim arising sometime in the future, we can arrange for umbrella liability coverage. Should you have particularly valuable personal property inside your house, like artwork, jewelry or musical instruments, we can set you up with specific special endorsements for coverage over and above ordinary policy limits for those items too.

We’re trusted and respected members of the Fayetteville area community, and because we’re independent agents, we’re able to provide you with a variety of choices as to insurers, coverage and premiums. Agents for the mega insurers just can’t do that. They’re not permitted to. The information we give you on your insurance issues is balanced, objective and unbiased. We’re not giving you one choice from one giant insurer. You can choose who insures you, what coverage you’ll have and your premium amount from any number of reputable and long established homeowners insurers that we work with.

Whether you’re in the process of buying your first home in or around NC Zip Code 28301, or trying to save some money window shopping, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re pleased to answer any questions that you have.