What Homeowners Insurance Options Are Available in NC?

As a resident of North Carolina, your homeowners insurance options are quite wide because you have the option of selecting any amount of coverage, and virtually any type of coverage, that you want and need. Every home is different, so the options that you want might be different from your neighbor’s choices. However, most homeowners in the state generally select options like these.

Insurance for the House: The home should be protected from all types of loss, and this is the insurance type that does that. You will be able to choose a policy max based upon how much you feel you would need to rebuild if disaster struck and you lost everything.

Other Building Coverage: If you have other structures on your property, those should also be covered by insurance. Some homeowners policies automatically include this coverage along with the house insurance, but always check with your agent as a policy addition may be needed to cover extra buildings. This would apply to greenhouses, tool sheds, and any other freestanding buildings on the property.

Contents Coverage: The contents of your home are significantly valuable to you and your family, whether the monetary value is high or not. If you want to be sure to have enough money to replace these home contents in a disaster, be sure to get this type of coverage. You can choose the amount of coverage you’re most comfortable with, but make sure that you estimate the current replacement cost of everything in the home to get a good figure for the policy.

Liability Insurance: Every homeowner should protect themselves from legal actions that could arise due to injuries that may happen on their property. If your friend, or in fact any property visitor, were to get hurt while anywhere on your property you could be held financially responsible for all their damages. This is one of the most important homeowners insurance options since judgments against you for injury could be so financially devastating, and this coverage prevents you from suffering those losses.

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