Do you Need Both Auto and RV Insurance?

When it comes to RV’s and other campers that you use to recreate, there are some specific insurance considerations that you need to keep in mind. Though it might seem simple enough, RV insurance is not something that everyone can understand clearly and it may cause some issue when finding the policy that is going to be right for you. For those that live in the Arvada, CO area, the agents with Alliance Insurance Services can help you determine what insurance coverage is going to be right for you no matter what sort of RV you have.

A great place to start is to look at whether or not your auto insurance is going to cover your RV should it become damaged or destroyed while on the road. There is a simple way to answer this question. For starters, those RVs that can be towed behind a vehicle are going to be covered on your auto policy as they are not vehicles that can be driven on their own. They are instead vehicles that are reliant on your car to be able to move. This means that they can be considered an extension of your car and can be covered on your simple auto policy.

If you have an RV however that can drive on its own, you may want to have a separate RV policy to cover the RV without having to tack it onto your auto policy. In many cases, your RV is going to be covered just find on your auto policy and you may not need to worry about having a separate policy. In any case, if you live in or around the Arvada, CO area, the agents with Alliance Insurance Services are going to be able to answer any questions you may have and create the perfect RV or auto policy.

Will car insurance pay for water damage?

When floods occur or simply leaks in your car from the rain, water damage can majorly damage the interior of your vehicle. If the flooding is severe enough, it can damage major components like the engine or battery. If you have a comprehensive car insurance plan, you may be covered for water damage. If you live in Hope Hills, NC, consult with Cross Creek Insurance to see if they have comprehensive plans to cover water damage.

Preventing Water Damage

Even though your comprehensive insurance plan may cover water damage to your car, you should still be diligent enough to take precautions to secure your vehicle. If you are too negligent, you may find yourself having your claim contested in some instances. Make sure that any sunroofs, windows, or doors are adequately sealed and it should be replaced periodically. Also get in the habit of rolling up your windows when you leave your car.

You should also keep in mind that many comprehensive plans don’t want to cover any external or unattached equipment in your vehicle. This may include things like sound equipment, GPS devices, or electronic equipment stored in the vehile. Plans may also require you to pay out of pocket before contributing to the cost of damages. There are also limits to comprehensive plans that cover water damage, so make sure that you take care of your vehicle to prevent grave damage.

Considering the natural disasters that may occur living near the ocean, it is a good idea to have an insurance plan that includes water damage. Consult with an agent at Cross Creek Insurance if you live in the Hope Hills, NC area. Coverage may vary depending on your type of vehicle, its age, and your current auto insurance plan.


Ways an Insurance Agent Can Help You Find the Perfect Auto Insurance Policy

Shopping for auto insurance can be stressful. This is especially true if you do not know much about auto insurance. That is why many people make mistakes when purchasing auto insurance. If you are looking for a better way, then you should consider reaching out to Cross Creek Insurance serving Hope Hills, NC for assistance. These are just a few ways that an insurance agent can help you.

  • Explain your options. Auto insurance can be complicated. An insurance agent can take a look at all of your options and explain it to you so you can determine what you really need beyond state minimums if anything. 
  • Find different rates. They can do all of the searching for you so you do not have to try to find rates. Since they will be doing the looking, you can tell them your budget and they can work from there. 
  • Make some honest comparisons. Once they have found a few options for you, they can develop detailed comparisons of each of the policies so you can make an educated decision. They will detail everything you need to know about each option so you know exactly what differs and what is the same. 
  • Help you design the perfect policy. At the end of the day, they can help you design the perfect policy for you. They will take into account your budget as well as your needs in terms of the policy to ensure that you have an ideal one available to you. 

If you do not want to do this on your own, then it is time to contact Cross Creek Insurance serving Hope Hills, NC. They can help you find a great auto insurance policy at a great rate.

What Happens if a Friend Wrecks Your Car?

You’ve allowed your friend to borrow your vehicle. Now, you’ve learned an accident occurred. Who will pay for the damage and what are your next steps? If you have the right type of auto insurance, you generally do not need to worry about the losses. There are limitations here, though. When you work with our agents at Cross Creek Insurance, we’ll help you ensure your vehicle has ample coverage to protect from any risks like these.

What To Expect

If you have collision insurance, that policy is likely to help cover the losses to your vehicle if another person is driving it. However, there are limits. If the individual routinely drives your vehicle, he or she should be listed on your policy to gain this protection. If they just borrowed it for the day, most policies will cover the vehicle.

If your friend was not responsible for the accident, but another driver was, that driver’s auto insurance liability coverage will likely cover the damage to your vehicle. It is best for you to request a copy of the police report right away to determine who is responsible for the accident. Then, work closely with your auto insurance agent to ensure the claims are filed properly.

Having the Right Auto Insurance Matters

Without the right type of auto insurance, your vehicle may be at risk. If you do not have collision insurance or enough liability coverage to protect your vehicle’s value, let the team at Cross Creek Insurance help you. We’re here to answer all of your questions. We serve residents in Hope Hills, NC and the surrounding area. Give our team a call today to discuss your current policy or to update to a policy that is better reflective of your specific needs.



How Can Auto Insurance Be Your Best Resource?

Auto insurance is by definition a long-term need. You may wonder how you might get through your day-to-day schedule if you didn’t have your phone, nanny or industrial-size cup of coffee, but your car can be just as important when it comes to keeping the lifestyle you want. Cross Creek Insurance wants the people of Hope Hills, NC to understand why they may be overlooking one of the best resources available. 

Advice, Spending, and Decisions 

Your auto insurance should be the source of turning abstract concepts into real information that you understand. It’s not your job to learn the jargon of insurance, but it is your job to know how each situation affects you. You may have to spend more on your premium to ward off extra expenses that may mount up after an accident occurs. And it’s important to remember that these costs aren’t just going to be a problem if you cause the accident. If you’re involved in a hit-and-run or an uninsured motorist hits you, then you will still need a way to fix your car so you can get to work. Auto insurance should be a place for you to turn, so you can keep your money, your car and your health.

How We Help

Cross Creek Insurance operates on the basis of personal attention. When you feel comfortable calling us, you also feel comfortable getting the information you need to feel secure on the road. It means that if you do choose liability, you understand the terms of it, and have a means to deal with the hardships should they arise. If you live in Hope Hills, NC and are looking for a company you can trust, then give us a call today to see how we’re different. 

Auto Insurance Hope Hills, NC

The terms and conditions to auto accidents determine compensatory remedies of damages in court. In North Carolina, fault is initially established by driver admission, or law enforcement record prior to litigation. Drivers seeking damages for medical or property from the responsible party, must be able to substantiate a claim. The type of auto insurance policy determines the provision of damage compensation after an accident.

Auto Insurance in North Carolina

North Carolina mandates that auto liability coverage is the minimum indemnity that can be held on a vehicle. If a driver is still paying on an auto finance loan installment agreement, comprehensive collision coverage is required at market value of the vehicle asset.  When purchasing auto insurance coverage in North Carolina, find a policy that covers a range of damages and medical expenses associated with property repair, hospitalization, and vehicle replacement as part of an accident claim.

Auto liability coverage minimums in North Carolina begin at $30,000 for bodily Injury for a single injured person, $60,000 for bodily Injury of multiple injured persons, and $25,000 for property damage per accident. Some liability policies cover lost wages and other medical expenses outside of hospitalization. Natural disaster coverage is a standard provision within North Carolina auto insurance law, and may be important in a circumstance where a hurricane has caused a collision with another driver.

Protect Yourself from Accident Litigation

Automobile accident litigation can be a costly expense for an insured with limited liability coverage. With comprehensive auto coverage, court ordered compensation of damages may be mitigated by a policy. Supplement an auto insurance policy with comprehensive collision coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance protection and avoid the risks of litigation in North Carolina.  

For auto insurance coverage in North Carolina, contact an insurance broker with Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC.

5 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Car Theft

Car theft can happen to anyone at any given time, especially if you live in a high crime area. For this reason, it’s important to take precautions that would discourage thieves from targeting your vehicle. A standard auto insurance policy from Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC, will ensure your vehicle is covered in the event of theft. By doing your part, however, you may never have to put in a theft claim for your car.   

Always Lock Your Car: Many car owners encourage theft by leaving keys in the ignition or their vehicle running while they hop in and out of their home, a convenience store or gas station. It’s better to develop the habit of always rolling up windows and locking your car, regardless of how short a time you’ll be gone. Lock your vehicle even when parking in your driveway for any length of time.

Put Valuables Out of Sight: Don’t leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle as this can attract the attention of would-be thieves and encourage them to target your car. Store valuables in your trunk or hide them beneath the seats where they’re out of sight/out of mind.

Park Smart: Park in well-lit, busy parking areas to make car theft more difficult without being seen or caught.   

Buy a Club: Buy a club (locking device) and use it on your steering wheel every time you leave the car.

Invest in a Car Alarm: If you live or work in a high crime area, invest in an auto alarm or security system to protect your vehicle, particularly if it’s a model that’s targeted often.

By taking preventative measures to safeguard your vehicle, you reduce the risk of theft. For more tips on theft prevention and information on affordable auto insurance in Hope Hills, NC, contact Cross Creek Insurance today.

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can be difficult for even the most experienced person. This is because facts vary from state to state and person to person. Before you decide you’ve got a handle on it all, check out these 5 facts from Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC about your insurance. 

1. Your Rates Are Personalized 

And they can be drastically different with just a few slight adjustments. This is why you’re asked so many questions before you’re finally given a quote. 

2. Liability Is Not for Most People 

Most people can’t afford to buy another car if they happen to be involved in an accident, so even though it’s cheaper, it may make less sense in the long-term. 

3. Insurance Gets Messy 

Different companies may see the same events very differently, and it can cause problems for everyone. Policies change, and state governments impose their own rules in terms of limits and placing fault on people. 

4. Your Stuff Isn’t Safe  

Even if you have theft coverage on your car, the stuff inside your car may not be covered. Meaning if you keep your expensive laptop or jewelry in there, you may want to rethink how you store your things. Also, if you have after-market customization, then that may not be covered (unless you’ve updated your policy.)

5. Large Insurance Companies May Not Be the Way to Go 

When you deal with a huge corporation, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. You will have few relationships there and few people to call besides the major number that everyone has. Cross Creek Insurance in Hope Hills, NC wants you to have the care you deserve, so call us today to talk to us about our quotes and polices. 


When is it Necessary to Update Auto Insurance?

If you haven’t reviewed your car insurance lately, it would be wise to do so. Lifestyle changes over the last year could have some effect on your policy. You don’t want to wait for an accident to happen to discover there are gaps in your coverage. Changes in your personal situation may even qualify you for insurance discounts you weren’t eligible before. If you’ve gone through any of the following changes in the last year, it’s to your advantage to update your auto insurance coverage.

Change of Employment – A new job could alter your driving patterns, increasing or reducing your risk of accidents. These changes could affect the cost of your premium. If you drive much less due to a shorter commute, you may be able to get a discount on your insurance.

New Home Purchase – If you’ve bought a new house in Hope Hills, NC, you could accrue substantial savings by bundling your auto and home policies with Cross Creek Insurance. By talking to a local agent, you can get a better idea of the benefits that bundling has to offer.

Marital Status – If you’re adding or removing a spouse from your policy due to marriage or divorce, you’ll need to update your coverage.

Add a Teen Driver to your Policy – If you’re planning to add your teen son or daughter to your insurance, you should update your policy to ensure you have adequate coverage for all drivers in your family. Young drivers increase the risk of accidents. By raising your coverage limits, you’ll have ample protection against any eventuality. On the positive side, if your teen has completed a driver’s training course, you could qualify for a discount on your auto insurance. 

For more information on how lifestyle changes can affect your auto insurance coverage, talk to a Cross Creek Insurance agent at Hope Hills, NC.  


Flash Flood Damage and Auto Insurance

With regional weather changing away dramatically from historical patterns, people are finding that problems are happening with a lot less warning and more dramatic instances. Flash flooding is a big issue, especially in areas that are valleys between slopes as well as areas that represent runoff zones for regional rivers and drainage. That can mean folks very well find themselves in serious trouble with surprises and immediate changes in water levels with little warning or advance notice. Flooding is one of those not-so-common conditions that frequently ends up in a gray area with auto coverage. On the one hand, acts of God tend to be covered if the car owner has a comprehensive plan which anticipates such situations. On the other hand, limited policies may exclude flooding or may require additional documentation that can show the owner had no chance of being able to move or protect the car first before the damage occurred.

For those who are in areas near creeks, rivers, runoffs or drainage areas, it’s a smart idea to take a close look at one’s existing car policy and see what it says about flooding in general. If there is no specific mention, it may be wise to get a reconsideration or a plan change. If you’re in the Hope Hills, NC region, Cross Creek Insurance can help decipher and make sense of the ins and outs in auto insurance policies and what’s covered with each coverage choice. There’s no reason to play a guessing game. Their expert agents can walk a consumer through each situation and how it will be handled with the appropriate coverage in place. It’s the kind of service that makes a difference in a world filled with a lot of confusing rules otherwise.