Can I suspend my auto insurance coverage during winter in Hope Mills, NC?

If you own your cars and have a lot of money wrapped up in them, you may want to take care to avoid damanging them unnecessarily. There are some owners that only want to drive in the summer so they do not risk damaging their automobile during the cold months. If you live in the Hope Mills, NC area and this sounds appealing to you then here are some things that you will want to know:

  • If you do not drive your car throughout the entire year, then there is a good chance you are paying for benefits that you do not need. You can suspend your liability coverage on your policy while your car is in storage.
  • To take advantage of this option you will want to contact your company and request that the liability be suspended. You will need to provide them with proof that the car is in storage for the winter to avoid paying for the coverage limits.
  • If you need to add coverage limits to your policy, then all you have to do is call your agent and ask for the benefits to be added to the policy
  • Any time that you need to hold back on a certain benefit, then all you need to do is ask for a suspension of benefits until you need the coverage reactivated.

There are things about your auto insurance that most people do not know about. An Independent agent can help answer any questions that you may have about your policy. As your agent, we can help you understand your policy so you can make it work for you.